Husband Lin Zhiling is her ex-boyfriend, 12-year-old beauty champion, 26-year-old, now a goddess again.

 Husband Lin Zhiling is her ex-boyfriend, 12-year-old beauty champion, 26-year-old, now a goddess again.

However, under the comment area, there was still a row. Some netizens apparently did not buy Liu Yifeis performance, and even voiced doubts that she did not get the role of Hua Mulan by strength.

Therefore, in the heartbreak of Liu Tianxian at the same time, but also can not help exclaiming: actresses want to successfully transform, it is too difficult.

In Japan, for example, there is a female star who has a similar experience with Liu Yifei.

She is Changze Yamei, once known as Dongbao Sweet Heart.

Nagasawa Yami loves to laugh very much.

Since she became famous, whether she was interviewed by the media or participated in variety shows, her condition was always grinning, with absolute laugh fruit.

As a result, a smile has become a distinguishing feature from other Japanese actors.

Knowing that there are netizens, take another Japanese goddess to compare with her: if the smile of Xinyuans clothes is cured, then the smile of Nagasawa Yami is infected.

This assessment is appropriate.

Changze Yameis smile is clean and bright, like the warm sun in winter, which can melt the ice in the heart.

Moreover, her laughter is often a little naive silly, infectious, people can not help but follow the corner of the mouth up.

They all say that smiles can reflect peoples hearts.

Such an unreserved and pure smile can only be seen on the faces of lucky people who have not suffered from life and have a pure heart.

Nagasawa Yamei is just one of the lucky ones.

She was born in a wealthy middle-class family.

The family is simple, except for her parents, there is only one elder brother, who is three years old.

Her father Nagasawa, a former Japanese football player, was the main player of the Yamaha Engine team and played 17 games on behalf of the national team.

In 1988, his daughter, Yamei Chang Ze, had just turned one year old. Chang Ze and Ming officially announced their retirement, thus starting his brilliant career as a football coach.

Especially when he was the head coach of the Iwada Joy team, he taught Yashi Yasushi, an idol in Japanese football history, and became the most famous football coach in Japan.

Because of the success of his career, Chang Ze and Ming have been providing comfortable living conditions for his family.

In addition, he and his wife are open-minded and mild-tempered, so that the family lives in peace and beauty.

The warm and loving family atmosphere enabled Changze Yamei to spend a carefree childhood and grow into a cheerful, optimistic and well-educated Aiting girl.

Because she liked to read childrens fashion magazines when she was young, Yami Chang Ze was only in her early 10s and had the idea of becoming a model.

But the parents think that the development prospects of models are not as good as actors. Since the daughter likes the stage, its better to guide her to the road of acting.

Soon after, Yashis wife, Yoshida Zhizi, brought good news to the Changze family: the five-year Dongbao Cinderella competition began.

Tohoku Cinderella is a star-building event sponsored by Tohoku Film Company of Japan. It is one of the shortcuts for civilian girls to enter the Performing Arts circle.

On January 9, 2000, the fifth Dongbao Cinderella final was vigorously launched through live television.

Eventually, Yamei Changze defeated more than 35,000 competitors and won the championship in one fell swoop, becoming the youngest winner of all previous awards and sensationalizing the whole island.

It wasnt until 11 years later that the record was surpassed by 11-year-old Shangbaishi Mengge, the winner of the 7th Dongbao Cinderella.

Back to the final night.

Although nearly 20 years have passed, the video quality of the Games handed down is very poor, but through the blurred pictures, we can still feel the amazing beauty of Nagasawa Yamis girlhood.

At that time, although she was under 13 years old, she had a proud height of 1.64 meters.

A pair of straight and symmetrical long legs against the sky, with white and delicate skin, as well as fresh and natural five features, together constitute the image of a century beautiful girl who is murdered by men, women, old and young.

At the finals, when the host announced that the winner was her, the little girl was stunned for a moment, then quickly burst into tears, her nose could not help but twitch a few times.

This appearance is really my pity, giving people a kind of clear water out of hibiscus, natural to carve aesthetic feeling.

Since then, young Chang Ze Yamei has become popular.

Because she is beautiful and sprouting, everyone calls her Ma sauce intimately.

Dongbao is good at making pure actresses.

After becoming an artist under Dongbaos banner, the company tailored a development route for Chang Ze Yamei, which was extremely rare in that period.

And the sesame paste is also very powerful. By virtue of its value and its own efforts, it quickly became a well-known new generation actress in Japan.

In 2003, 16-year-old Yamei Chang performed well when she first starred in the movie Robot Race.

She won the 27th Japan Film Academy Award (commonly known as the Oscar for Japanese Film) for her fresh and natural acting.

The next year, she played Hirosaki, a high school student with terminal illness but strong optimism, in the blockbuster Call for Love in the Center of the World of pure love movies.

In order to meet the needs of the role, Nagasawa Yami not only shaved her hair, but also put on her wedding dress for the first time and gave her first kiss on the screen.

Fortunately, the reward for her in this film is also generous.

Hirosakis role not only made the audiences tears, but also became Nagasawa Yameis first popular screen image, initially established her new generation of pure idols status.

Many netizens in China, also from the role of Hirosaki, began to understand and pink Nagasawa Yamei.

Moreover, with the film, Nagasawa Yami won the prize and won the soft hand.

Not only won the 28th Japan Film Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Most Topical Actress, but also won the 29th Announcement Prize for Best Supporting Actress.

With a pure face loved by the whole people and many trophies, Nagasawa Yamis life continued to hang over the next few years, whether in the movies or in the TV series, playing a hot one.

In 2006, I Love My Neighbor, also known as Yan Dogs Welfare.

In this film, Yami Nagasawa is at the peak of her beauty, contributing a large wave of swimsuits that make fans have a strong impulse to lick the screen.

This smile:

This figure kills:

Its amazing!

They cooperated with each other tacitly, and their interaction was full of love, so they were both included in the 30th Japan Film Academy Award for Best Male (Female) Leading Role.

In terms of TV series, we can not but mention the hot drama Dragon Cherry which was broadcasted in 2005.

This Japanese drama, featuring a group of Japanese high school students sprinting for the college entrance examination, can be regarded as a divine drama inspiring a generation, with Douban scoring as high as 8.7 points.

In addition to contributing a large number of golden sentences familiar to young people of that generation, the play also let 18-year-old Yami Chang know 20-year-old Yamashita (later fans like to call him Shan P).

The couple got married because of the play, and since then they have started a two-year underground love affair.

It wasnt until 2007, when they co-starred in the love drama Proposal Battle, that the love affair came to light.

Because there are couples in and out of the play, the ratings of The Big Battle of Proposals soared, and the two became a pair of CP that many Japanese fans never forget.

Because this pair of CP is too popular, they jointly appeared in the second year of Proposal Battle SP.

For a time, Nagasawa Yamis popularity reached its peak and became the well-deserved Queen of Japanese Opera.

But life can not always go up the hill, let alone always stand on top of the peak.

Just as in the recent hot online drama Changan Twelve Hours, the sly Yuan Zai said the truth: People live not a point, people live is ups and downs.

And ups and downs are the norm of life.

In her early 20s, Chang Ze Yamei encountered a similar dilemma with Liu Yifei.

A series of pure love movies and Sweetpotatoes in her teenage years have brought her a lot of negative comments, although they have accumulated a large number of fans for her.

Among them, the biggest complaint of the audience is to question that she has repeatedly played Silly Sweet for many years. Her acting skills have not broken through, at best, it is a vase.

After 2009, because of the audiences aesthetic fatigue, many Japanese dramas and movies starred by her either went straight to the streets or became popular.

Behind this, of course, brokerage companies always arrange her to take on highly homogeneous roles in order to meet the needs of fans.

But the more important reason is similar to Liu Yifei, because it is difficult to control the profound role because of the rich family, the collection of thousands of favorites in one, simple heart, lack of life experience.

For example, Tiandiren, a transformation work that was highly anticipated by the brokerage company and her.

Dahe Opera, a long historical series in Japan, is well known for its rigorous plot and excellent production, so it has been loved by Japanese audiences for decades.

Dahe Opera has always favored the powerful actors, Chang Ze Yamei can play the leading role, it was a good time to transform from pure idol to powerful actors.

However, her figure and appearance are not suitable for the ancient costume, and the regular performance was ruthlessly crushed by Abe Kuan, Xiaoli Xun, Changpan Guizi and other old opera bones.

Therefore, after the show was broadcast, her appearance and acting skills became a big trough for the audience.

To make matters worse, with age increasing, the collagen overflowing on Nagasawa Yamis face quickly lost, and the tight skin began to loosen and droop.

In addition to her love of laughter, the corners of her eyes inevitably accumulate more and more crows feet.

Together, these problems make Nagasawas elegant beauty fluctuate.

Even the countless first love face and girl feeling that once absorbed powder seemed to fade away overnight.

Some plain-faced stills, or photos captured by passers-by and paparazzi when they were in bad condition, spread to the Internet, making Yamei Changze once referred to as long disabled, broken, or even damaged as aunt or goddess of breath.

In contrast, Shihara Limei and Xinyuans knitting clothes are the reverse growth of the same age actorsfacial values, as well as the continuous emergence of new generation actors such as Murakami Chun and Hiroshi.

The market is so ruthless that Japanese audiences, who have always been fond of Yasumoto, soon turned their eyes on Yami Changze to other actresses.

Maybe it is because before the age of 20, Yami Chang Ze reached the peak of her peer actorsface and career, which is difficult to reach. Therefore, in her 20s, she felt the pressure of internal and external troubles ahead of most of her peers.

The road ahead is vast. Where should Changze Yamei go?

Chang Ze Yameis heart is very penetrating.

She knows that she is no longer suitable for pure actress, regardless of her age or status.

Only by breaking through their own limitations, improving their acting skills and drawing closer to the powerful actors can they win back the favor of the audience.

But the transformation of actresses has never been easy, and Changze Yamei is no exception.

Despite her desire for transformation, she is afraid to live up to the expectations of audiences and fans. She is afraid that if her role is slightly out of line, it will be questioned by audiences and fans.

In addition, Dongbao is too conservative. Although the popularity of Changze Yamei is declining, the company is always reluctant to change its pure idol position.

Therefore, in recent years, Yami Nagasawa has been arranged to play pure love movies or love dramas such as Pure and Fragile Heart, SUMMERNUDE, Fifty First Kisses.

And these films and TV works which have long failed to meet the expectations of the market, without exception, all have a flat response.

Seeing the unsatisfactory market reaction and the strong willingness of Chang Ze Yamei, Dongbao tried to arrange her to play in the large-scale plot film Peach Blossom Period.

Unexpectedly, after the film was released, Yamei Chang Zes image of a cute, short-haired, sexy and mature woman was accidentally welcomed by the audience.

Some netizens even commented with relief that this is the right way to open Changze Yamei.

Nagasawa Yami also nominated the 35th Japan Film Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Peach Blossom and won the Best Actress Award at the 54th Blue Ribbon Film Festival.

Then, the late-night drama The Daughter of Urban Legend starring Yamei Changze also received high ratings.

Since then, Dongbao realized that Changze Yamei still has great potential to tap, and then readjusted its development direction.

As a result, Changze Yamei has more opportunities to receive more types of film and television works.

Among these works, there are not only literary and artistic movies, animated live-action movies, suspense movies, even thrillers, but also comedies, suspense dramas, and so on.

And the male stars who cooperated with her basically include the male gods of all ages in Japan, such as Takura Kimura, Abe Kuan, Shisei Korai, Takashi Yamashita, his wife Mucong, Kazuo Oda, Cherang Oda, Matsumoto Run...

She also became the first Japanese actress of her age to go abroad and enter a broader Chinese market.

In 2013, Yamei Changze co-starred in Taiwans idol drama Hooligan Cake Shop in cooperation with Lan Zhenglong.

Two years later, he starred in the disaster film Taiping Lun directed by Wu Yusen, and played a pair of sweethearts with male god Jinchengwu.

However, no matter what the original intention is, after watching more idolsmovies and TV works and variety shows, she will unconsciously be attracted by her personality traits and professionalism.

In 2018, when she participated in the popular daily synthesis program The Oriental Equation of Saury in Autumn, Yami Nagasawa was sharply appraised by the program Toxic Tongue and Japanese brain scientist Junichi Zeko as follows:

It looks like I. Q. is high, but the brain is not working well. Its silly.

Although the program has always been known for its serious nonsense, it may contain insights.

Like the evaluation of Yami Changze, in fact, it is somewhat accurate.

In reality, Nagasawa Yamei is a person who looks smart and smart, but actually takes a little naive and silly.

This kind of innate naivety and foolishness makes her full of affinity, even a little heartless, can not only entertain herself, but also bring happiness to people.

Changze Yameis cleverness is reflected in her clear goal of living from an early age. As long as one direction is identified, nine cattle will not be able to pull back.

Just like her 12-year-old debut, she can be mindless, 20 years of hard work, just for the best actors.

This is not a fan filter.

In fact, Yami Nagasawa is a well-known model worker in the Japanese art circle.

Since 2000, she has participated in 36 films and 24 TV dramas, with an average of more than 3 films and TV productions per year.

In addition to diligence, Changze Yamei is also very dedicated.

In 2007, she appeared in Nagoya TVs 45th Anniversary drama Swimming Butterfly in the Ganges.

It lasted several days until satisfactory shooting results were achieved.

Three years later, as the heroine of the mountain rescue movie Yue, she went to the Alps with the crew.

Within three months, she persisted in shooting all the scenes, risking the enormous dangers of cold, avalanches and cliffs.

In the Broadway musical Tavern, in order to meet the role requirements, Yamei Changze spared no effort to gain 20 pounds.

Therefore, the audience and fans of unknown truth Tucao Tucaos stature and fat.

But perhaps it is the open-minded personality, even if suffered more criticism, Chang Ze Yamei also showed no concern, less active response.

It was only after the passage of time that she calmly said in an interview:

I never wanted to stop acting... Im a person who pushes forward in my work, and I wont look back on the past. Since the past can not be changed, there will be no regret for the past. Performing circle is the world of pursuing results, so I regard it as experience, including failure.

So, in front of the spotlight, she laughed as usual.

Behind the obscurity, however, her attitude is always hard and courageous.

She chose to prove herself by her works, not by her words.

She did.

After nearly 10 years of ups and downs and precipitation, Changze Yamei shakes off the tenderness and astringency, and turns red again with a hundred transformations.

Nowadays, what she acts like has changed from an outmoded idol to a veritable all-round actress.

She can be the free and frank second sister in the Diary of the Sea Street, the restrained wife in the Walking Invaders, or the domineering beater in Please Call Me Heroes.

And the best work to show its breakthrough acting skills is undoubtedly the popular drama Swindling the World JP in 2018.

In the play, Chang Ze Yamei plays a double-dealer online, good at disguising a woman cheater.

She has a variety of styles and sometimes turns into a sexy Monroe.

Sometimes Chinese classical beauty is incarnated:

Sometimes its a chivalrous lady with a handsome face.

Sometimes the second turns to the big sister who leaks at the side.

In January this year, in Sina Entertainments voting campaign Most Chinese Netizens Love Japanese Actresses in 2018, Yamei Changze ranked No. 3 with 4685 votes, second only to Rimei Ishihara and Shinyuan Clothes, the Red Fried Chicken in recent years.

Last year and the previous year, Yami Changze ranked fifth and ninth respectively in the same theme voting.

It can be seen that the success of movies and dramas, including Fraudulent World JP, has made the popularity of Yamei Changze rebound significantly.

Taking advantage of the hot iron, in 2019, Changze Yamei opened the long-lost mode of hegemony screen.

There are not only the suspense movie Fake Hotels co-operated with Takura Murakami, but also Kings World adapted from popular cartoons, and Credit Fraudster JP: Hong Kong Romantic pursued by the hit drama of the same name.

Three films have both popularity and flow, no wonder box office results are quite eye-catching.

Recently, it has been reported that Yamei Changze is expected to join Chen Sichengs film Chinatown Detection 3.

Lenin has a famous saying: A mans weakness is the continuation of his merits.

This sentence reveals a truth that many people may not be aware of.

That is: everything has two sides, a persons advantages, often become his obstacles.

Just as Nagasawa Yamei won the worlds favor and admiration by virtue of her innate appearance, it was also restrained and caused a lot of stereotypes.

Even after the glow of the face faded, it was mercilessly mocked and ridiculed, and fell from the peak of the pure goddess.

But as the classic line in Dragon Cherry says:

People who dont know setbacks cant afford to be beaten. They can only surpass them when they smash into a broken wall. Only when such talents can withstand the blow can they thrive. Patience until it hits the wall.

She understood the principle of before every jump, squat deeply and spent 10 years accumulating strength.

Ten years passed, taking away the collagen from her face, but giving her a character that is not easy to say defeat.

She keeps trying to break through herself, break through the invisible barrier, and finally regain her new life.

The memory of that beautiful young girl Ma sauce in the flourishing age was undoubtedly the white moonlight in the minds of a generation.

Nowadays, Changze is elegant and beautiful. Although it cant return to its peak, it still has a good foundation and a mature atmosphere which has been glowed by yearsprecipitation. How can it not be another touching beauty?

We regret that the beautiful young girl who was invincible at that time has gradually drifted away.

But we should also be grateful that there is a powerful goddess in the world who is skilled in acting.

The result is not bad.