Xiao Happy: Huang Leis middle-aged collapse, thought it was Linghu Chong, but he survived Yue Buqun

 Xiao Happy: Huang Leis middle-aged collapse, thought it was Linghu Chong, but he survived Yue Buqun

02 Swords to the End of the World? Its just daydreaming.

In the mid-life crisis, only danger has no opportunity. When you understand this, you are no longer a teenager. Middle-aged crises are coming like this. You were totally caught off guard and beaten down by cruel reality. Just like Fangyuan, as a company law, it has made great achievements and completed mergers and acquisitions. Waiting for a promotion and a raise, he was dismissed for no reason. The whole department just fired him. Is that a bolt from the blue?

After learning the truth of his resignation, Fang Yuan sat at the door of the company and had a box lunch. Take-away brother God mends knife, his monthly salary is also 10,000! Yeah, when I was a teenager, I was full of ambition. You must carry your sword to the end of the world. Thats what a young man should do. But middle-aged people, when you have nothing in your career - you just suddenly realize, what are the broken things? Its just daydreaming. Dreams must wake up and reality must be faced bravely.

03 How did I survive as Yue Buqun?

Dont mention that people dont lose their jobs until theyre middle-aged - how easy is it for you to start all over again? Still to go home, Fangyuan sits at the door. Faced with my wife, I cried like a wronged child: I wanted to be a knight-errant since I was a child. I felt that I had to be a Linghu Chong, Yang Guo and Zhang Wuji. Even if I was a little short, at least Guo Jing, how could I become a Yue Buqun now? We are honest, how can I be so unlucky?

Huang Lei cried for himself by virtue of Jin Yong. Every word and sentence touched peoples hearts. Why? Truth. This is not the voice of middle-aged people, but can not cry out. How can you stand being seen? Fangyuan expresses his understanding of Yue Buqun, but also sympathizes with himself: If you put on Kangzhuang Avenue, who doesnt want to go, who wants to go this side door left? Besides, how painful it is to cut a knife! Its more than pain. Its castration of life.

Many people love Linghu Chong, but they can not survive. (Wen/Piaoyutong) The feeling of red fruit is the collective sorrow of middle-aged people. Yue Buqun men, have you waved your sword from the palace? In adult life, there is never the word easy. Every age group has a crisis of every age group, but the crisis of middle-aged age group is like a wolf in a tiger. Youre tired of coping, but the only way you cant do it is to grind your teeth.

Life is not as good as you imagine, let alone as bad as you imagine. The name Little Joy actually gives you a glimmer of hope. Yes, for the time being, only the willow darkness has not blossomed. But after that, tomorrow is another day. On a new day, there is always new hope. The middle-aged crisis is also a test, withstanding the test, you will have a relatively stable old age. Or, thats what Little Joy wants to tell you...