Little Joy | How can Chinese parents no longer be all scourges?

 Little Joy | How can Chinese parents no longer be all scourges?

I am glad to see Yongmei and Taohong again.

One is warm and tolerant, the static water is deep, and the other is tough and soft.

They are not young, hands and feet with a sense of middle age, a little vicissitudes of life, a little haggard, looks particularly soft and real.

Xiao Taohong plays a single mother with a pitiful look in her eyes.

There is no fierce conflict, no extreme people, no dog blood bridge, Xiao Happy from the perspective of parent-child relationship shows the three middle-class families of education and life details.

The first couple is Fangyuan and Tong Wenjie. They are Tiger Mother and Cat Dad.

Haiqing is still giving my mother Ben-ma a ten-sentence sentence sentence, and Huang Lei is still my father and father with muddy mud. Growing up in a loving family, my son Fang Yifan, though a slag, is lovely without heart and lungs.

The second pair is Song Qian and Qiao Weidong, a divorced family. Song Qian is a helicopter mother who monitors her children 24 hours a day.

Song Qian, whose marriage broke down, put her heart and soul into her childrens study. But daughters are more resistant to the symbiotic relationship between mother and daughter.

The third couple, Liu Jing and Ji Shengli, are airborne parents.

_In the system, the couple worked in the field all the year round. After landing home, they found that their sons habits were hard to change. Parents who had never cared about their children since childhood were helpless in front of the son who was determined to be Han Hans second son.

Kindness and warmth.

Although it shows the intergenerational contradictions in different families, it does not use the creation of radical roles as a gimmick.

In fact, the parents in Little Joy.

Childrens problems are all parentsproblems.

Childrens problems are parentsproblems.

Look at the three groups of parents in the play. What are their own problems?

Tong Wenjie is a mother who explodes her hair without saying a word. She shouts every day to peel off some skin for her son.

Tong Wenjies famous saying: Im full, what did I give birth to you? You are my ancestor, I will burn incense for you!

Song Qian, a single mother, places too much emphasis on her childrens feelings and attention.

When her daughter went to the Astronomical Museum to give a speech, Song Qian knew that she had rushed to pursue and intercept.

Daughter likes space model, just received Lego was confiscated by his mother.

In addition, she added sound insulation to her daughters room, monitored her daughters study through the glass wall, and wished her children could live in a fish tank.

Song Qians most lethal words are: You are mothers everything, is for your good. One sentence blocked the childs desire to communicate, but it is a family weapon that many parents like to use.

Ji Shengli is a father who is used to leading style.

_Han Geshi Lying Gun, LOL

The first 10 episodes of Little Joy are the fate of parents to their children. But after episode 10, tensions eased.

This is due to the change of parents.

Tong Wenjies interview with his teacher not only mentioned his sons achievements, but also mentioned letting children grow up in a loving family and thinking instead of learning.

Song Qian spent an hour playing Lego with her children after she found out that her daughter had become a bird of surprise.

Ji Shengli even tried to drive his sons kart in person.

Ji Shengli took her son Ji Yang to eat pizza.

Then he always praised his son for his wide knowledge, saying that he was left out in the dining hall, and rarely had the opportunity to come to such a high-level place.

Take the small matter of ordering a meal as an example. I have seen how many parents talk about letting their children feel at will, and when they make a decision, they are dissatisfied and overthrown.

Trust and respect are polished between the two.

In a few minutes of rival play, Ji Yangyangs son looks from strong, conflicting to shaky and guilty.

The clash between father and son was brilliant.

In addition, Song Qian apologized to her daughter Yingzi for confiscating Lego, and Ji Shengli bowed to apologize for missing her sons growth.

There are no perfect parents in the world. We are all parents for the first time, and we are part-time (and work to support the family) parents. But we are not ashamed of the wrong parents, and eventually we will be respected by our children.

Where is the perfect native family?

Native families have become a stump in recent years.

This excuse is omnipotent, because parents always make mistakes.

But we forget that there are no perfect parents in the world, and we are not perfect children.

Everyone has his own limitations and deadlock.

Each of the three families in Little Joy has its own difficulties and sacrifices.

While he was giving red envelopes in the crowd to introduce his work, he also pretended to get out early and return late, and was busy with his business, in order to avoid affecting the childrens mood.

Song Qian, a single mother, quit her job in order to take care of her daughter, and did everything in her life.

Daughters stay at school to deliver meals, daughters get up to cook soup, daughters brush questions to help correct the mother, but also to help other students to earn money to support their families.

Looking at her, I feel tired.

Ji Shengli and Liu Jing, two airborne couples, started as grass-roots civil servants, have been traveling in counties and cities for many years.

Be conscientious, careful, rent a house, stay in a hotel, buy a set of furniture, are afraid of exceeding the standard.

When adolescence meets menopause, childrens troubles are simple and extroverted, while the pain of middle-aged people can only be swallowed by themselves.

In addition, to meet my sister, I am gratified that in Little Joy, mothers are no longer widowed, and fathers are finally present.u2014u2014

In real life, in a large number of troubled families in China, the absence of fathers causes the anxiety of mothers, and eventually leads to the outbreak of uncontrolled children.

But in Little Joy, fathers are basically online.

In particular, Ji Shengli stooped down to apologize to his son for entrusting Ji Yang to his relatives: I was wrong.

It is the most touching scene in the whole play.

Of course, there is no shortage of comedies in which interlocutors criticize and encourage people to sell.

The best way to discipline is an X-ray.

Every time we talk about family education, there are always people who hate to say how foreign countries are.

Yueyan said that, to be honest, besides the Buddhist Nordic Europe, which has already been in the realm of extinction, chicken babies have become the common feature of parents all over the world.

An 18-year-old said he was not going to college. Parents had to be crazy to be a live broadcaster or a racing driver wherever they left it.

When the child said that she did not go to college and wanted to start a business with her classmates, Reese collapsed in a second and was angry at her daughter.

The wording is the same as Ji Yangs father: Whats your way out without going to college?

Not only that, its not uncommon for parents to interfere with their childrens career planning. Doing what you are interested in is no longer the motto of life.

Last week, I met my sister Yan with my former colleagues.

But my husband, Sweet Dad, grew up in the Western liberalism when he was young and rebelled against his father, heard that Sweet Beans life goal was to be a cook, and instantly worried, Will a woman cook grow to 300 pounds?

However, Western parents generally agree with the X-ray type of discipline.

My sister often hears people talk about the ratio of nurture and nature, some say 60% and 40%, some say 30% and 70% and some say 50% and 50% respectively. These are all mechanical and dogmatic statements.

Children grow up step by step. The ideal ratio of discipline and stocking for children should present alternating changes.

Discipline is a process from 100% to 0%, while stocking is a process from 0% to 100%.

Of course, in the process of gradual decentralization, children are unavoidably arrogant and aggressive. At critical moments, such as professional choice, career choice, parentsanalysis and guidance are still very important.

Because many decisions go beyond the childs knowledge and can only be made by a guardian.

The daily life of the three Chinese-style families in Xiao Happy shows us the real and warm inter-generational contradictions and barriers, and also feels that being a parent is really hard.

Its not easy for children, but its also difficult for parents.

Everyone felt the stones to cross the river.