Lightweight Type Mobile Reeber KX200 Office Backlight Game Machine Keyboard

 Lightweight Type Mobile Reeber KX200 Office Backlight Game Machine Keyboard

A touch-and-touch, sparkling place, is a relaxed and natural percussion.

To achieve a solid connection process in detail

Inspiration and action

Reeber Autonomous Flexible Office Machinery Axis Start

Red Axis-like Handfeel

0.6-1.4MM trigger stroke

14*14*4.9MM size

Flexible type movement captures the ability to discover everyday pleasure and beauty. It takes keyboard as the perspective and light axis as the medium to control freely and let the mind be light. Keyboard in place, KX200 office backlight mechanical keyboard, waiting for you to explore the new light year of life.

Light Tide White is not just a safety card

The Exquisite Aesthetics of Every Moment

White can last forever, not only in its never make mistakes, but also in its tolerance, independence, low-key attitude. In the face of purity, let go, Jane is the form; White is the state.

KX200 has a clear outline of the structure lines, narrow full-size key proportion, peeling off the whitewash, directly to the self-purification. Skin-like abrasive + aluminum alloy plastic top cover, classic, concise, durable, create a sense of contemporary sustainable fashion, deduce low-key office minimalism.

Workplace equipment, can not be boring, not dull, a little finishing decoration and embellishment, you can bring a sense of fun. KX200 mounts a white backlight system on the upper body to support 6 levels of brightness in 12 games such as ripple mode, single lighting mode and raindrop curtain mode. Collision of harmonious and wonderful visual effects.

Light Gong Manipulating Good Play ____________

Its the tender satisfaction of touch.

Leibo office peripherals have been committed to sustainable creativity, from self-reliant light office machinery axis to self-reliant light office machinery axis, the evolution of light touch mind. Red Axis-like handle, excellent stability, soft voice control, gentle attitude faster and more efficient to meet the life and entertainment work scene, besides the numerous trends, control a good game.

Fifty million uniaxial life, 45 g trigger pressure, 0.6-1.4 MM trigger stroke, 14*14*4.9 MM uniaxial size, light trigger, calm and soft voice contains a pleasure of concentration. Continue to explore the beauty of lightness, fashion and comfort, and open a new chapter of potential and effectiveness.

Lightweight, full of ingenuity and details

Indispensable care

Seiko, thin size, delicate touch PS + ABS two-color injection-moulded abrasive key cap, once again deduce uniform light transmission, anti-fading, anti-wear, more refined and durable. KX200 supports full-key conflict-free design, supports arbitrary keystrokes input at the same time, without affecting each other. FN+Windows lock key realizes the function of opening/locking the Windows key, which effectively prevents mistakenly touching in the course of the game.

White, understand balance; Aluminum alloy, not hard.

Thin as cicada wings, light as smoke

Integrating the Characteristics of the Workplace with the Attitude of Lightness and Flexibility

KX200 Office Backlight Machinery Keyboard

Free Style, One Point in Place

Lightness, agility and ease

We will continue to speak.

Reeber - Wireless Your Life

Rapoo Reeber, founded in 2002, is a listed company in peripheral industries, a national high-tech enterprise and a pilot demonstration enterprise of national intelligent manufacturing.

The crowning of German IF Design Award, German Red Spot Design Award, Asian Most Influential Design Award DFA, Chinese Design Red Star Award, Taiwan Golden Spot Design Award of China, G-Mark Design Award of Japan and other honors is the best commentary on Leibers concept of shape, color, technology, design concept and so on.

In 2019, Leibo fully laid out wireless multi-mode peripherals, personalized wireless peripherals, high-end MT office series, a peripheral adapted to multiple devices, to meet the users needs of mobile tablet computer TV, one-button switching control, arbitrary, arbitrary but in control.

Breakers are also universal. Regard wireless your life as the direction, exploring the greater potential of wireless from the perspective of exploration, sticking to wireless persistence in the tide, deducing the benchmark strength of the industry.

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