Passers-by cardiac arrest collapsed in Huaxi Dam. Several doctors and nurses from Huaxi passed by first aid.

 Passers-by cardiac arrest collapsed in Huaxi Dam. Several doctors and nurses from Huaxi passed by first aid.

After receiving 120 emergency calls, the emergency personnel of the emergency department of West China Hospital rushed to the scene, relayed pressing, and after 40 minutes of rescue, the patient recovered his heartbeat. After being sent to the hospital, he has now been transferred to the ICU ward.

Some netizens commented that the patient was the most likely place to be rescued in Chengdu.

Sudden cardiac arrest in men

At least four doctors and nurses came to the rescue? They dont know each other yet.

Our hospital business study, after class, just walk to the subway entrance and bus stop in the middle, see a group of people surrounded there. Wang Xiaofeng, a nurse in the emergency department of West China Second Hospital, who was one of the medical staff involved in the rescue that night, recalled that it was about 8 p.m. when he came closer, he found a man lying on the ground with blood on his face and a pool of blood on the ground beside his head. At that time, there was a doctor-like man who was doing CPR compression for him. The action was very standard. Later, it was found that a woman assisted by the doctor was also a medical staff.

_Wang Xiaofeng, Emergency Nurse, West China Second Hospital

Because the patient is male, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is very laborious. I asked the doctor if he needed a replacement, and he said he could stick to it. Ill do the assistant work beside, clean up the airway of patients, help lighting.

Wang Xiaofeng said that when he arrived at the scene, the people around him had already dialed 120 first aid calls. About four or five minutes later, ambulances from West China Hospital arrived. After about 40 minutes of rescue, the patient finally recovered his heartbeat and was rushed to the emergency department of West China Hospital.

Wang Xiaofeng recalled that besides himself and the doctors who first performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation compression for patients, before the ambulance arrived, doctors joined in one after another, as if they were all off work. Later, two medical staff came to the ambulance. Although they did not know each other, they cooperated in rescue and had a tacit understanding. I am glad to see the patients heart beating again through rescue.

The patient has been transferred to ICU

Gu Zhihan of the first aid center of West China Hospital was an emergency doctor who rushed to the scene with an ambulance after receiving an emergency call. Gu Zhihan said that when he arrived at the scene, he saw four medical staff rescuing the patients. At that time, he learned that they were all doctors passing home from work, including one from the anesthesiology department of West China Hospital.

Gu Zhihan said that the patient was due to sudden cardiac arrest caused by heart attack. After joint rescue by several medical staff, the patient successfully recovered his heartbeat in about 40 minutes. After the patients arrived at the hospital, they were rescued seamlessly and coordinated by multiple departments. They were transferred to the intensive care unit of cardiology department for follow-up treatment. Gu Zhihan said.

Who are the other medical staff involved in the rescue? Red Star News reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of West China Hospital that the other three doctors may be from the Department of Anesthesiology and Surgery of West China Hospital, but the hospital is also looking for the specific doctor.

Relay of life and death

Netizen Zan: Chengdus Safest Subway Station

A strange paranoia: Thats the doctors benevolence. However, it also shows that this position is very critical, timely rescue.

IALYDD: The safest metro station in Chengdu is really unfortunate.

Orange orange, Orange G: I just reflected that the four sisters of Huaxi Ba are Huaxi Hospital, Huaxi Second Hospital, Huaxi Fourth Hospital and Huaxi Stomatology.

One sheep squatted the wrong night: probably one of the safest places in Chengdu

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