Rogers Cup Xiaoweibang 12 ace revenge Osaka, the latter regain the worlds first

 Rogers Cup Xiaoweibang 12 ace revenge Osaka, the latter regain the worlds first

Naomi Osaka won his first Grand Slam singles championship in the undisputed US Open victory last year, while Naomi Wilson took perfect revenge in the quarter-finals of the Rogers Cup. The 23-time Grand Slam champion Xiao Wei did not encounter any breaking crisis in the match, and totally scored 31 winners including 12 ace balls. Naomi Osaka scored only 20 points in a total of 10 service innings.

In the first set, two Grand Slam champions were guaranteed successively in the first seven games. Naomi Osaka in the 6th inning has resolved two breaking points. Xiao Wei did not continue to waste opportunities. In the eighth inning, Black Pearl broke the deadlock and maintained its advantage until the end of the game.

Xiaowei broke the deadlock early and established a 2-1 advantage. Naomi Osaka has been unable to narrow the gap, Xiaowei then two sets to end the fight. In the 6th and last innings of the second set, Ozawa was equalized by Naomi Osaka, but did not send out the break point. In the final serve victory game, Xiaowei even bombarded ace ball to take a 40-0 lead for three consecutive match points, which were beautified by Naoto Osaka. Osaka then racket netting sent out the fourth match point, Xiaowei with the 12th ace ball of the game to lock in the victory.

Naoto Osaka will regain the worlds No. 1 position next week even after losing to Xiaowei, as Ka-Priscova was blocked by host Nova Andriscu by 6-0, 2-6, 6-4.

At the other end of the competition, Kenin of the United States eliminated Ukraines famous player Svetorina with a score of 7-6 (2), 6-4.