Jinganyi arson suspect recovers consciousness from dangerous state and breathes pain in his mouth

 Jinganyi arson suspect recovers consciousness from dangerous state and breathes pain in his mouth

Hirohito Akiba (Japan TBS TV)

Overseas Network, August 10, July 18, in Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto Animation (Kyoto animation) studio I arson case has been over three weeks. Akihiro Akiba, an arson suspect hospitalized in Osaka, has escaped from the most dangerous state and is now able to express his meaning simply, according to a person concerned.

According to Kyodo News Agency and Maternal Economics News, Kyoto police have obtained the arrest warrant for Qingye on suspicion of murder and arson, but when to execute it, doctorsopinions should be heard. Prior to that, Qingye had remained in hospital for severe burns. If he died of a serious injury, the truth of the incident will never be revealed. To avoid this worst-case outcome, doctors are continually fighting for treatment.

Japanese media said the symptoms were still unstable, and it would take at least a few months to get back to the status of being able to execute the arrest.

Prior to the incident, Akihiro Akiba was photographed by a nearby camera (Kyoto News)

Relevant sources said that the green leaf has been in the state of general anesthesia. Recently, after the anesthesia was reduced, he regained consciousness and continued to shout very painful words and phrases. The nurse called him, and he was able to respond simply, and his eyes were open. His vision and hearing are believed to have been restored, and then he will receive skin transplants and other treatments to determine whether he can recover based on the progress of treatment.

According to the Japanese website Daily Trend news, according to the degree of classification, burns are roughly divided into 1 degree to 3 degrees. The green leaves belong to 3 degree burns, and the subcutaneous tissues are destroyed. After the arson, he was first taken to a hospital in Kyoto City and then transferred to the University Affiliated Hospital in Osaka, where he had extensive experience in treating severe burns. Sakurai Yukichi, a professor at the University of Tokyo Womens Hospital, said: Even if Akibas consciousness has recovered, it is not optimistic. There is a risk of causing symptoms of infection, and once something goes wrong, its likely to die.

People mourn at the scene of the fire (Asahi News)

According to previous reports, Kyoto Animation studio on the morning of July 18, a fire, killing 35 people. The 41-year-old male arson suspect, Tsing Yezhen, was under police control. Relevant sources said that the arsonist lived in Ibaraki Prefecture before. Seven years ago (in 2012), he was arrested for robbery at a convenience store in Bandong, Ibaraki Prefecture, and sentenced to three years and six monthsimprisonment.

After being released from prison, Tsing Ye spent some time in an institution dedicated to receiving prisoners, and then moved to an apartment in Kyoto. He suffers from mental illness and is regularly visited and cared for. Last year and this year, he clashed with his neighbours several times over noise problems, which had alarmed the police.

Kyoto Animation studio building has three floors, covering an area of about 700 square meters, from one floor to three floors were completely burnt down. Japanese media said that the animation company Kyoto Animation, founded in 1981, had nearly 160 employees, and had produced many famous animations, such as Lianggong Spring Melancholy and Gentle Girl.

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