The Third Recovery Test of Private Rockets in China Successfully Flying Height 300.2m

 The Third Recovery Test of Private Rockets in China Successfully Flying Height 300.2m

Huang Zhicheng, an aerodynamist and aerospace technology expert, told Pengchao reporters that Ling Kes space flight test is still a preliminary test in the field of recyclability. Its a meaningful test, but its still far from the level of SpaceX.

The staff are preparing for the launch. Pictures in this article by surging journalist Zheng Chaoyuan

Lingke Aerospace was founded in 2014 and is engaged in the research and development of the technology of repeatable launch and liquid rocket engine. The RLV-T5 rocket was designed in detail and put into operation in May 2018. The whole rocket height is 8.1 meters, the diameter of the rocket body is 0.65 meters, and the takeoff weight is 1.5 tons. The power system consists of five liquid rocket engines with variable thrust in parallel. It is reported that the rocket is planned to be used in the early technological exploration of future sub-orbital reusable rockets and in-orbit stage reusable rockets.

The RLV-T5 rocket is designed to verify the soft landing of low altitude flight. Lingke Aerospace said that the test explored a variety of key technologies for rocket recovery, including control technology combining traditional control algorithm with neural network control algorithm, multi-engine parallel connection technology, new ignition start technology, new pressurization technology, and so on. It improved ballistic guidance, aerodynamic control, high speed and precision. The positioning technology has been newly validated, and the applications of various low-cost industrial devices have been tested synchronously.

As early as before this test, Lingke Space has published two successful low-altitude flight recovery tests. In the afternoon of March 27, the RLV-T5 rocket successfully launched its first free flight recovery test at Longkou, Shandong Province. The rocket completed a 10-second hovering operation at 20 meters and landed in the central area of the recovery test site. The landing accuracy of the rocket was better than 50 centimeters.

On April 19, also in Longkou, Shandong Province, Lingke completed the second low-altitude launch and recovery test of the RLV-T5 recoverable rocket. The flight time was 30 seconds, the flight altitude was 40 meters, and the precision of the recovery landing point was better than 30 centimeters.

Chu Longfei, CEO of Lingke Aerospace, told Peng Mei News ( that after the success of this test, the optimized RLV-T5 rocket will undergo several kilometer-level flight recovery tests to verify its reliability. At the same time, the structural assembly of the sub-orbital reusable liquid oxygen methane rocket RLV-T6 is planned to be completed by the end of the year in an effort to clarify its structure. First flight was made in the first half of the year.

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