There are 14 million more bus cards for boys in Hubei Province, and the abnormal data can be used to check the data.

 There are 14 million more bus cards for boys in Hubei Province, and the abnormal data can be used to check the data.

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Strange! The 12-year-old boys e-bus card has an inexplicable 14 million yuan more than he can buy (Source:)

According to CCTV News Client News, what will you do with the windfall? Recently, Zhuo Zhuozuo, a 12-year-old boy in Wuhan, Hubei Province, was overwhelmed by the inexplicable extra 14 million yuan in his bus card. On August 6, Zhuo Zhuoxin applied for an electronic bus card worth 55 yuan and tied it to his smart watch. Unexpectedly, the next day Zhuozuo found that the balance of the bus card displayed on his watch was more than 14 million yuan. Zhuozuos family then inquired on the automatic shopping machine at the subway station and found that the money was available. Because the source of the huge sum was not clear, Zhuozuos family alerted the public security organs and contacted the bus card management company. According to the survey, the company recently developed and tested new functions, resulting in data abnormalities in some equipment, Zhuozuos bus cards also belong to this list. At present, the company has repaired the background data. Netizens said that not their own money is not easy to use, for Zhuo Zhuo and his family praise.

12-year-old boy with 14 million more e-bus cards can even shop

On the 6th, Zhuo Zhuos father bought him a smart watch worth 1488 yuan. Smart watches have many functions, including the ability to bind Wuhan Tong Bus Card. That night, Zhuo Zhuo purchased an electronic bus card and tied it to his watch for 55 yuan through the app that matched his watch. Who knows Zhuo Zhuozuo was surprised to see the amount of the bus card on his watch the next morning? The watch showed that the balance of the card was more than 14 million yuan. He told his mother quickly.