Zakahao said he would be captain of Arsenal! Fans exploded: Are you worthy?

 Zakahao said he would be captain of Arsenal! Fans exploded: Are you worthy?

If that happens, I would be happy to be the first Swiss captain in the Premier League. Its going to be very special. For me, its a moment when dreams come true. Of course, its also a recognition of my performance at Arsenal. At the same time, its a great responsibility for me to follow in the footsteps of great players like Vieira and Henry. Zaka said.

Zaka promised to be more demanding when he became captain. I intend to continue to improve, play well, improve every moment, deal with small details and succeed. Compared with these goals, everything else is nothing. We hope to return to the top four in the new season. I believe that the new aid this summer can help us achieve this goal.

Pepe can improve our attacking strength. He can play wonderful music with Obamayan and Rakazette. However, the competition for the new season will be fierce. If you look at Villas moves in the transfer market, you know that this seasons competition will be unprecedented. I think the championship suspense will not be revealed until the last minute. Zaka said.

For Zaqas statement, gun fans did not buy it at all. They said, Are you kidding me? Is that what youre doing? Seriously, we would rather you were sold. This guy is going to lead such a great team. In my opinion, he is not fit to play in this team at all.

Yesterday, Emery called Zaka, Ozil and Monroyal the top three captains of the team, but he did not point out who was the first captain. The Daily Mirror said that Emery would not formally confirm the first captain until early September because someone would leave the team in the next 20 days.

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