Joint efforts to refute rumors of divorce: Zhang Jieshena, open up the right mode of Xiu En-ai

 Joint efforts to refute rumors of divorce: Zhang Jieshena, open up the right mode of Xiu En-ai


In fact, there are many ways to dispel rumors about divorce. This time, we must praise Zhang Jie. When interviewed by the media, Zhang Jie said that he would make a childrens record for jumping and dancing. As for the twin daughters, will they show up at the concert? Zhang Jie said it would be inconvenient to disclose for the time being. In the following sentence, please make a point: the most important thing is to bring your daughter and her mother. That is to say, it is very important that Sheena appears at the concert.

Its a simple sentence, which shows that Zhang Jie and Sheena are better. What are you worrying about? Only a neglectful couple is in danger of divorce. And Im with you in your hard times. I witness your moments of glory. Such couples can share happiness and sorrow. As for Zhang Bichen, there are some reasons why people cancel the recording. But this is not the result of Sheenas behind-the-scenes mafia, okay?


Sheena is more direct, in fact, I think her EQ is still very high. Sheenas performance on live shows everything: she came to Beijing to see Jacks Concert. Throughout the live broadcast, Sheena was as active as usual. Whats unhappy about it, not to mention Zhang Bichen. Even propaganda cant make people lie down and get shot. Speaking of Zhang Jie, Sheena has a sweet face.

Not only that, but also follow-up. In the early morning, Sheena publicized Zhang Jies concert on Weibo: Tonight, its going to be Jacobs Birds Nest concert again. Looking back to last years Birds Nest Chorus Live, its still very touching. My friends and I are cheering you up from the stage. First, publicize it again. Second, see that my friends and I are coming to see you. Previously, it was a child, now a friend - all witnessed that their marriage was okay.


Even if its not a star couple, ordinary couples. Hear what the wind blows and the grass moves, and youll be furious. Is it interesting to ask whats going on? You need to understand each other well and trust each other well. Yes, there are ways to do it without direct dialogue. Zhang Jie emphasized that Sheena is his wife and mother of his children. This will never change. People, why dont you shove it to him?

And Sheena, with practical action to promote Zhang Jies concert. Its a support for public utilities, and with friends. Actually, on the surface, it was Zhang Jies concert. Whats more, its to support their marriage. On different occasions, show love in different ways. You say people get divorced? This is a good proof. (Wen/Piaoyutong) What problems do you encounter and work together to solve them? Husband and wife concerted, their profits cut gold!

What rumors do you care about? Tonight, Zhang Jie Birds Nest concert. Looking forward to the most wonderful presentation!