The best autumn dress combines temperament and fashion

 The best autumn dress combines temperament and fashion

In other words, with the gradual cooling of the weather, people will be more inclined to this warm color, even if the small sun is as warm as you. And the primrose yellow and turmeric series of color matching goes with the natural fashion, can let you wear fashionable fashion while adding some warm atmosphere.

Mixed white collocation can be said to add a lot of points, so that the whole dress is very gentle temperament, regardless of what shape Mixed white can give women this gentle attribute. With simple jeans skirt and jeans are very attractive, especially for fat girls in the lower half of the body, medium and Long-style bathroom is more skinny, super intimate.

If yellow can bring a girls sense of vitality, blue can bring a kind of Sky-like refreshing temperament, then purple, especially taro purple, can bring you a romantic and sweet effect, although not as sweet as pink, but it adds to the refreshing feeling of some cold tones, the two knots. Together, they are sweet, sweet and fresh, and the sweet effect is very lovely.

When it comes to the most versatile color in the fashion circle, its black. Black is also the least attractive color, so black clothes are very popular and popular every year. So, how do we match black? First of all, we can choose some bright colors to brighten the darkness of black. The bright colors can be bags or shoes. Just one color is enough to make you relaxed and beautiful.

This group of matches is my personal feeling very good temperament. The collocation tends to be more academic, that is to say, the age reduction is also very leisure. Especially when paired with canvas shoes, it is really super leisure temperament, the focus is also very comfortable, whether shopping or tourism are completely no problem, full of comfort.

If its the most popular color in autumn and winter, its coffee. Especially brown coffee has a special autumn and winter flavor. And the effect of choosing such color matching is quite good. It can not only create a kind of retro style, but also a very versatile color.

Speaking of blue, we often think of the sky blue, just like the summer sky, especially small and fresh. But in fact, the color of blue is quite a lot. Whether it is washed blue or haze blue, each color of blue gives people a completely different feeling, so first of all, we need to determine what kind of blue we are suitable for.

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