Media: The poison of net red and thin needle still needs scraping to cure

 Media: The poison of net red and thin needle still needs scraping to cure

Source, or through human flesh to bring goods, or simply unknown origin; quality, some beauty parlors themselves are not clear about the true and knife doctors are also non-professional origin, as long as three or five days of training can be on duty... Recently, the new Beijing News has revealed the underground market of pink poison of net-red and thin-faced needles.

According to the survey, in the field of domestic medicine and beauty, Botulinum Toxin A produced in Korea is called powder poison, but it has never been approved by Chinas drug regulatory agencies, can not be imported through formal channels, and can not be sold in hospitals. In May this year, a series of scandals broke out among the powder manufacturers. But three months later, powder poison is still active in Chinas small beauty parlors and Korean beauty products consignment circles.

Whether focusing on the source or the process of operation, the powder poisoning of these red and thin face needles carries huge risks in public health. From the source point of view, the powder produced by Koreas largest powder manufacturer has been exposed successively, suspecting that the product quality is not up to standard. After its influx into China, because of the numerous cases of injection powder poisoning accident, there were dangerous cases of injection overdose systemic poisoning in Anji, Zhejiang Province.

The scandal in South Korea has been regarded as a net red product in China, which is a typical epitome of the overgrown weeds under the explosive development of the medical and aesthetic market in recent years. In fact, behind the powder poisoning, the shocking operation in the field of medicine and aesthetics goes beyond that.

Some medical and aesthetic institutions dare to take risks to promote various controversial therapies for consumers, because the temptation of windfall profits is too big, but also because there is a gap in the supervision of medical and cosmetic, leading to businessmen have time to drill.

For example, in daily life, we often talk about medical treatment and Cosmetology side by side, but in fact, according to the Medical Beauty Service Management Measures and other relevant provisions, there is a strict distinction between medical beauty and conventional beauty.

But in reality, cosmetology institutions expand the scope of service, illegal medical cosmetology projects are quite common, there are many practitioners without any medical background knife needle. To this end, experts have been calling for medical cosmetology to return to medical attributes, improve access threshold, and the prevalence of powder poison industry chain, which shows the urgency of clarifying the boundary of medical cosmetology.

At the end of 2017, seven departments issued the Special Action Plan for Strictly Combating Illegal Medical Cosmetics to crack down on medical cosmetology. Considering the rapid development of the medical and aesthetic market and the emergence of chaos, striking severely should be normalized.

This kind of attack can be targeted: although the flow of banned drugs such as powder is concealed, there are still many traceable clues in the terminal sales link, such as beauty parlors as long as they are widely notified, there will be opportunities to investigate and deal with; with the rise of social platforms, some illegal medical and beauty products, projects of propaganda positions change. On the platform of New Oxygen and Xiaohongshu, on the one hand, the vision of governance needs to be broadened, on the other hand, the main responsibility of the platform should be emphasized, and it should not be allowed to become a part of medical, aesthetic and black production.

In the final analysis, the poison of the powder poison of the net red thin face needle must be scraped tocure, and the scraping prescription is more precise and more rigorous treatment of the symptoms.

Xiong Zhi (Media Person)

Source: Han Yukun_NBJ11142, responsible editor of Beijing News