Academician of Engineering Yuan Longpings 90th birthday: Planting rice on the 9th Birthday Cake

 Academician of Engineering Yuan Longpings 90th birthday: Planting rice on the 9th Birthday Cake

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Today is Academician Yuan Longpings 90th birthday. Congratulations and salutes! (Source:)

Xiao Peng, look at the field is not...

Peng Yulin is an associate researcher of Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center. As long as he receives the first call from Yuan Longping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, when he comes to work at the office at about 9:30 a.m., he will be nervous: the paddy field he is looking after should be a bad thing.

This is not true. Recently, for two consecutive days, at 9:30 in the morning, 24 hours apart, he received the accountability phone calls from Yuan Longping.

On August 9, Academician Yuan Longping turned 90. But after joining the post-90s generation, he did not feel that he should rest. Hybrid rice is really immersed in his blood. Its his lifeblood, his soul. Yang Yaosong, researcher of Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center, commented on the reporter of Science and Technology Daily.

Yuan Longping, 90 years old, is still unable to control his legs toward rice fields and his heart toward rice, although his body is not as good as before. No one is more persistent than he is about hybrid rice. Dr. Xin Yeyun, researcher and director of academician Office of Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center, said.

In order to facilitate the research of the old academicians who are not very convenient for action, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences arranged a test field beside Yuan Longpings residence. This field has been his heart disease ever since. As long as its in Changsha, I have to watch it several times a day.

Changsha, known as the Furnace City, has a hot summer sun. But no matter how hot it is, the first thing Yuan Longping did when he got up was not to wash his face, brush his teeth and eat breakfast, but to go to the fields. The second inquiry every day is that everyone only wants to hide from the flames in the air-conditioned room at noon. The third and fourth times, before and after dinner.

Due to physical reasons, Yuan Longping can no longer run around the country frequently. But one day he would lose sight of the field. Take this field as an example. In fact, he can see it from his window, but he still insists on going downstairs to the field every day. Yang Yaosong said.

Although his eyes are not as good as before, Mr. Yuans eyes on paddy fields are stillpoisonous and hot. When he saw Tian that day and was satisfied, he would not trouble me. Not satisfied. Call me on time in the morning. Responsible for taking care of Peng Yulins Tucao in the experimental field.

Living Map: Practicing Two Dreams

At present, the yield of rice has not reached his ideal level. Yang Yaosong said. Yuan Longpings ideal level, which is based on the present utilization rate of light energy of 2.573%, is calculated as a 50% discount, to reach 22.5 tons per hectare of output.

Since the implementation of the Super Hybrid Rice Project in 1995, hybrid rice in China has developed from 10.5 tons per hectare to 18 tons per hectare. However, this is still far from the target of 22.5 tons per hectare. So, even though he knows that his body is really weak, he will not give up striving for the ideal output target. Yang Yaosong said.

According to reports, since the 1980s, China began to focus on the spread of hybrid rice to the world. Up to now, in Asia, Africa, and along the way, thirty or forty countries have been successful demonstration, in more than 10 countries have been widely promoted.

Yang Yaosong sent a monetary photograph to the reporter of Science and Technology Daily on his mobile phone. This is a new currency given to him by the Minister of Agriculture of Madagascar during his visit to Academician Yuan Longping this year. In order to develop hybrid rice, they printed the new currency with the largest denomination on the rice panicle pattern.

He has always been interested in the development and promotion of hybrid rice technology in the world. Xin Yeyun said. It is reported that in order to promote hybrid rice all over the world, in addition to going out to land service, Yuan Longping also opened an international training course in China. Every time the training class starts, he comes in person. Graduation certificates will be issued in person upon graduation. No matter how busy he is, he will squeeze in time to do it. Xin Yeyun said.

Do you know that Mr. Yuan is a living map? When Peng Yulin said this, the reporter of Science and Technology Daily was stunned.

Originally, Yuan Longping was very careful when he asked people questions. For example, when someone from other provinces visits him, he first asks where he is from. When I heard where the other party came from, I immediately reported the longitude and latitude of the place, and after getting the affirmation of the other party, I began to get to the point and talked about what rice varieties were suitable for growing in the area.

Up to now, the old man will forget, but still is living map.

Notice: Setting New Three Key Targets

All staff, everyone should know that I have three main tasks in mind. On June 3, the Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center put up a sign signed by Yuan Longping. This is the three goals he set for the team to be solved urgently.

Firstly, we will continue to consolidate the production target of 18 tons per hectare.

Second, breeding salt-alkali tolerant rice, aiming at the target of 4.5 tons per hectare yield;

Third, develop the third generation hybrid rice.

The red line of 1.8 billion mu arable land protection in China is still far from meeting the needs of grain production. Land resources are insufficient. Is there any other land resources available? There are more than 1 billion mu of saline-alkali land in China, and about 200 million mu of saline-alkali land is available now. Yuan Longping believes that if 100 million mu can be exploited and the output per mu is calculated at 300 kilograms, 30 billion kilograms of grain can be increased and 780 million more people can be fed. Yang Yaosong explained the origin of the salt-tolerant rice target.

Hybrid rice technology has developed from three-line method to two-line method, and rice yield has reached a higher level, but it has also entered aslow growth period. Now, academician Yuan Longping has led us through the study of genetic engineering male sterile lines and succeeded in the preliminary study of the third generation hybrid rice technology. Li Xinqi, a researcher at the National Key Laboratory of Hybrid Rice, said.

It is reported that in recent years, through the third generation of hybrid rice technology to cultivate new combinations, small area planting has achieved higher yield than two-line varieties. This year, the team arranged seed production and trial planting of the third generation hybrid rice in different ecological areas such as Hunan, Fujian and so on. Perhaps in October, we will hear a new report from Yuan Longpings team.

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