Fraud of health care products by pretending to be Daxian and tutor is liable to secondary fraud

 Fraud of health care products by pretending to be Daxian and tutor is liable to secondary fraud

Deceive money by pretending to be an immortal or a mentor

Victim Zhang Mou received an admission ticket at the subway station, saying that there were gifts for participating in the meeting. When he arrived at the meeting, he received a book from the defendant Dr. Li. After paying 333 yuan membership fee, Dr. Li helped Zhang develop his right brain and treat diseases. Dr. Li asked him to read his works for half an hour and then meditate. After that, Dr. Li said that another 3,000 yuan would be a universal disciple and would teach him the way to make money. In fact, the way to earn money is to introduce others to treat illnesses and get a commission. Zhang said.

After a mass report, the police seized the accused, who was pseudonymous Dr. Li, and jointly paid membership fees and investment funds to 45 members, up to 68,000 yuan in a single sum. Among them, the amount of fraudulent money reported to the police (part of which insisted that it was not fraudulent but did not report to the police) totaled 161,000 yuan. The Houhai Dian Court sentenced him to three years and two monthsimprisonment and a fine for fraud. Thirty thousand yuan.

Jiang Nan said that the use of feudal superstition to carry out fraud is a relatively old fraud method. Typical ways of this kind of fraud in practice include near religious places such as temples, streets and residential areas, where criminals fake monks, cheat victims for excess fees and incense fees in the name of disaster relief and prayer after obtaining trust from victims through kindness, giving amulets and scriptures. In particular, in some cases, the accused used the superstition of female followers to commit rape while cheating on property.

The victim, Ms. Wu, received a digest containing a leaflet entitled Notice of Introduction of High-tech Products Converted from Military to Civil Service. After the telephone consultation, the other side said that to hold the lecture, the elderly over 65 years old and retired soldiers, doctors, teachers, engineers and technicians must be eligible to attend. In the lecture, Li Mou broadcasted aerospace video, introducing that Junkang I was developed by the Ministry of Space, and its ingredients were confidential. It was only provided to astronauts before, but now it can only be eaten after the conversion of the army to civilians. Finally, Ms. Wu purchased Junkang No. 1, which was worth 516,000 yuan.

When Ms. Wu found out that she had gone to the police, all six of Lis Gang surrendered themselves. According to accounts, the gang bribed delivery personnel on the road, carried leaflets in geriatric publications, hired performers to impersonate doctors, fabricated illness and efficacy, and sold health care products at a price of 150 yuan per box for 8600 yuan. After verification by the public security organs, a total of 18 elderly people were deceived, with a total amount of more than 380,000 yuan.

Haidian Court finally sentenced Li Mou, the principal offender, to three years and six months in prison with a fine of 30,000 yuan; five accessory offenders were sentenced to 9 months to 18 months in prison with a fine of 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan.

Jiang Nan believes that fraud of health care products for the elderly is a common problem, the more difficult is the high incidence of such cases, repeated prohibition, and this kind of fraud after careful design, targeted, clear division of labor, self-iteration fast.

At the same time, we should be particularly cautious that health products fraud is very easy to produce secondary fraud, that is, after the elderly purchase health products, criminals can proceed with refunds, tax refunds and other reasons to pay taxes, handling fees, deposits and other items to continue to defraud property.

Use chat software to find targets

Li Mou (male) and Zhao Mou (female) are the managers and foremen of KTV of Jin Fan family respectively. First, they arrange people to find people nearby by using chat software such as Weixin, Momo, QQ, and so on. They pretend to be prostitutes to provide sexual services and invite guests to KTV. Then, Zhao arranges female staff to impersonate prostitutes to provide high-priced wine to guests. Water. When the guests first settle the drinks fees and ask for sexual relations, the Miss takes the strict public security inspection and opens the room by herself as the reason to support the guests; if the guests refuse to settle the accounts because of the high price, Li and Zhao frighten the guests by artificial gestures, non-payment and non-concession, language and violence threats, and force them to settle the accounts.

The two men committed three crimes in this way, demanding 3380 yuan, 2300 yuan and 3600 yuan respectively. The third one was due to the victims report before and the police arrived at the scene without success. The court sentenced Li Mou to one years imprisonment for extortion, a fine of 3,000 yuan, Zhao Mou to one years imprisonment and a fine of 3,000 yuan.

Jiang Nan pointed out that similar to the aforementioned fraud is the immortal jump, that is to say, in the name of prostitution, one-night stand and so on, the victim was recruited to the room, and then said that he was raped or found by his husband and brother, and asked for money by his male partners. Because some victims are forced by social pressure or legal worries, they are unwilling to report to the police and cooperate with judicial organs to collect evidence, which makes it difficult to crack down on crime.

Wen/our reporter Zhu Jianyong

Source: Han Yukun_NBJ11142, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily