German experts plagiarized the achievements of Chinese scholars and were suspended Chinese scholars: Satisfaction

 German experts plagiarized the achievements of Chinese scholars and were suspended Chinese scholars: Satisfaction

Leaders of the scandal of plagiarizing the research results of Chinese scholars are punished, Christopher Zehn, a hospital expert at Heidelberg University in Germany accused of plagiarizing the research results of Chinese female scholar Yang Rongxi, was banned from doing research and teaching related work in the next three months, according to German Mannheim Morning News on July 7. This is a preliminary punishment decision made by the president of Heidelberg University. Previously, many senior officials, such as dean, chief executive and business director of Heidelberg University Medical College, resigned due to the scandal. Professor Yang Rongxi, currently working at Nanjing Medical University, told the Global Times in an interview on the 9th that she was very satisfied with the results of the German treatment.

In February, a team from Heidelberg University, represented by Zen, announced that they had developed a blood test technology for early detection of breast cancer, which was hailed as a landmark breakthrough. However, a number of German media surveys later found that this achievement was full of flaws, and possibly plagiarized the scientific achievements of former colleague Zen and Chinese scholar Yang Rongxi. Heidelberg University later announced an investigation. Yang Rongxi was interviewed by the Global Times and other Chinese media about her unfair treatment and reluctance to return home in the latter part of her work in the hospital.

German Southwest Radio and Television said Wednesday that although Zehn had been banned for three months, he was confined to the administrative field and could still treat patients. Many German media and netizens generally believe that the penalty is too light. Germanys Augsburg Report pointed out that the Commission of inquiry has identified Zen as the culprit of the academic scandal. However, due to the restriction of German Civil Service Law, it is difficult for the relevant departments to dismiss him. Heidelberg University confirmed to Southwest Radio and Television that Zen is still under investigation and may be subject to civil service disciplinary action or a treatment ban in the future. This world-famous medical school is suffering the worst image disaster ever, German newspaper Rhineka commented on the 8th, saying that three-quarters of the board members of the Medical College of Heidelberg University have resigned because of the scandal.

Yang Rongxi told Global Times on the 9th that he did not expect the investigation to be true at first. Usually, after similar academic scandals in universities, due to the German Federal Civil Service Law, the final result is usually a lighter punishment such as apology. She said that the current processing results were somewhat beyond her expectations.

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