Inner Mongolia: Based on 5G technology, the mine car can be put into operation without blind area monitoring in coal mine production

 Inner Mongolia: Based on 5G technology, the mine car can be put into operation without blind area monitoring in coal mine production

According to Xu Changyou, Executive Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Zahanuoer Open-pit Coal Mine, Zahanuoer Open-pit Coal Mine takes the lead in using 5G technology to eliminate the blind area of supervision in the coal industry of our country, which can not only improve the efficiency and efficiency of production supervision, but also provide technical support for the future realization of driverless mining vehicles.

Zahanaoer Open-pit Coal Mine, which belongs to the State Power Investment Inner Mongolia Company, is located in Tongliao City, with an annual output of 18 million tons of coal. It is a large comprehensive energy enterprise in Northeast China. Traffic dump trucks used in this mining area are large in volume, driving blind areas are many, and safety supervision is difficult. Driver Ma Shuangxi said, The dump truck I drive is 11.5 meters long, 7 meters wide and 5.9 meters high, 107 tons dead weight, 130 tons dead weight, 15 meters in front of blind area, 10 meters in left blind area and 25 meters in right blind area. Observing road conditions by naked eyes, especially at night, has certain driving risks.

Xu Changyou said that the coal mine has complex geological conditions, long and narrow pits and wide points. Within the scope of more than 20 square kilometers, there are more than 680 vehicles per shift and more than 900 people working at the same time. It is unavoidable that there are loopholes in the way of man-to-man management alone. On the basis of the existing 4 G technology supervision platform, this year they used 5G technology to establish safety and environmental protection supervision center to realize the production site without blind area supervision.

Reporter visits found that in the outdoor coal mine production site, enterprises have installed 5G communication base stations and monitoring cameras on the surrounding highlands, and installed monitoring probes and driver sleeping prevention system inside and outside each operating vehicle to achieve full coverage of supervision; in the indoor safety and environmental protection supervision center, enterprises have built internal management and on-site management. The two information systems can automatically identify and alarm miner driversspeeding and mobile phone driving violations, dozing, inattention and other fatigue phenomena. The attendants will promptly notify the relevant personnel to attend and deal with them according to the alarm situation, thus realizing all-weather supervision.

Driver Ma Shuangxi said: Now the car has installed a monitoring system. Four cameras with night vision function are installed in front, back, left and right directions. The cab is equipped with an automatic reminder system for dozing, which provides further norms and guarantees for our safe driving. Now, we are more at ease at work, especially at night.

It is understood that this project is completed by the cooperation between Beijing China Enterprise Times Company, a subsidiary of the State Electricity Investment Inner Mongolia Company, and China Telecom Tongliao Branch and Huawei Company. Wang Zhenhua, chairman of Beijing Time Company, said that the Zahanuoer Open-pit Coal Mine project relies on 5G technology and integrates GPS, face recognition and big data technology to build 5G intelligent monitoring system, which can realize that miner drivers can observe the surrounding environment of the vehicle without blindness, and send it back to the safety monitoring center through 5G network for drivers and drivers. Supervisors should have a clear idea of what to do, and safety supervision should be all-weather, all-coverage and all-process.

Xu Changyou told reporters that the company has continuously strengthened the application of 5G communication technology and integrated big data technology to meet the needs of network communication and ultra-high performance computing between mining trucks and surrounding facilities, thus improving the automation level of mining production and operation.

At present, the national electric power investment company in Inner Mongolia is exploring new technologies such as Internet +, driverless and Bunker cleaning robot to promote the integration of the energy industry and the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and constantly improve the level of safety production management.

Source: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941, responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency