Global Times: As long as Hongmeng really leads, the Chinese market can incubate ecology.

 Global Times: As long as Hongmeng really leads, the Chinese market can incubate ecology.

Huaweis Hongmeng Operating System was announced on Friday, causing strong global repercussions. It is generally believed that the operating system built by China Telecom giant is technically advanced and has strong growth power to gradually establish its own ecosystem. Its birth opened the prelude to a permanent change in the global architecture of operating systems.

The progress of the past few years has proved Huaweis ability to be at the forefront of its technology focus. Today, Huaweis technology and talent reserve, Chinas overall technological environment and market support are much stronger than Huaweis stage from backwardness to 5G leading position. When Hongmeng came into being, the whole software industry in China urgently needed to make up for its shortcomings. Hongmeng will give strategic impetus and stimulation to the overall rise of domestic software.

Americas suppression of Huawei played a catalytic role in the advent of Hongmeng. It was undoubtedly forced by the United States, and the pressure of the United States to force Chinese high-tech enterprises has become a strategic trend. The whole society of China has made up its mind to develop its own core technology independently. Hongmeng is the product of the times. It represents a strategic breakthrough for Chinas high-tech industry and a driving point for China to solve many neck-jamming problems.

Hong Meng is certainly facing the early stage of establishing its own ecology, but it will soon take a firm foothold in China and gradually move towards the global prospects need not be questioned. Hong Meng is very advanced in technology. Although Chinese supermarkets need a lot of internal coordination, it is not a suspense that the market will provide strong support for the new operating system as a base.

Once the situation prompts Hongmeng to install on Huaweis full-line products, Huaweis mobile phone sales will decline in a short time, but such temporary losses will bring Huaweis further rise and the overall prosperity of Chinas operating system and software industry. This big account can be settled in Chinese society, and its rationality will certainly be transformed into a specific market way to promote the success of Hongmeng. Other software application manufacturers and various interest entities in China will support the open source Hongmeng under the thrust of the whole society and participate in the ecological construction of Hongmeng.

The world hates the monopoly of American telecommunications and IT giants. The emergence of Hongmeng is a realistic solution to break the monopoly of the United States. It has positive significance for the global technological balance. Although Apple and Android have already occupied the global market, it is the nature of the market to welcome competition. As long as Hongmeng technology is really leading and the Chinese market incubates and accumulates a competitive ecosystem for it, its gradual move to the global market will never be more incredible than the previous move of China Telecom equipment to the world.

China is facing some decisive shortcomings and Re-Entrepreneurship in the high-tech field. The consensus of the whole society has been very firm, and the policy inclination of the state has been formed. Hung Meng can say that he fired the loudest shot in this direction. It can not be a false shot in the game between Huawei and the United States. Huawei and Chinas high-tech industry have no way out. They have steadfastly moved forward and passed a short difficult period. History will not provide another kind of programming for Chinas rise.

We also need to see that Huaweis strong resistance has provided breathing time for other relevant manufacturers in China, which has made Huaweis standing a global significance. Chinas manufacturers are both competitors and a delicate but real community of interests. The establishment of Hongmengs ecosystem is not only vital to Huaweis life and death, but also a decisive factor for the future survival environment of all relevant manufacturers in China.

Everyone and every manufacturer must see this clearly. Huawei, because of its tall stature, bears the greatest burden of the United States in suppressing Chinas high-tech industry. Hongmeng has now become one of the most stressed fulcrums among them. We believe that Hong Meng and the Chinese market and society will not fail each other, nor will it disappoint the world.

Source: Global Times Responsible Editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541