Can we buy a 5G MacBook in 2020?

 Can we buy a 5G MacBook in 2020?

5G? MacBook is coming?

So far, we remain sceptical about this report because of the lack of evidence from other sources. Digitimes is the only media to report on Apples? 5GMacBook project, and its history is sometimes not so reliable, especially when it comes to launch. Apple is likely to be developing a MacBook with cellular data capabilities, but 2020 should not be a good time to release it.

For users, its certainly exciting to have a 5G MacBook. Some friends may feel that the demand for cellular MacBook has weakened with the improvement of the hotspot function of? IPhone? However, we believe that the built-in cellular network connection of MacBook will greatly improve the usability, especially in the 5G mobile network environment, which will provide a good user experience.

Its valuable and possible.

Its meaningful to put 5G in a laptop. You know, its a real 10Gbps mobile broadband, 100 times faster than 4G. Having 5G connectivity means that our laptops can quickly transfer large chunks of data, download two hours of movies in 3.6 seconds, much faster than 4G (6 minutes) or 3G (26 hours); it means that when you use cloud-based services, the time difference between sending and executing instructions is only about 4 milliseconds, compared with the current LTE rule. It takes 20 milliseconds.

Although smartphones must be the most dependent mobile processing terminals, for mobile commerce and mobile office, a 5GMacBook may play a greater role than a 5GiPhone.

It is worth noting that both 5GMacBook and 5G laptop are the future of touch. At present, Qualcomm has cooperated with several major brands of notebook, putting its 5G baseband chip into the laptop. Once the 5G network is mature, there is no doubt that the laptop has all the conditions to obtain 5G.

As for Apple, Im afraid there was an idea to build a MacBook product that can be always online. They are also very persistent in their pursuit of wireless functions. In 1999, Apple launched the WiFi standard of iBook as high as 11Mbps. Apple also explored the possibility of developing a MacBook with honeycomb connection, and even considered introducing a 3G connection. MacBook Air, which was connected to the function, was later rejected by Steve Jobs, then CEO. In 2016, Apple won two patents for adding LTE connections to MacBook. Everything shows that Apple may not be so easy to give up this long-silent project, but may also take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities of 5G to make it a reality.

There are still many problems to be solved.

Although this sounds exciting, there are still some questions that need to be addressed, such as which MacBook will support 5G, how will Apple price it, whether it will use its own 5G chip or someone elses 5G chip? The two most important questions are, how does Apple work with operators to sell MacBook, and can users accept that your Mac life becomes an online lease?

If MacBook gets 5G network functionality, it needs a 5G operator. Once that happens, carriers will be interested in adding Macs to their product line-up, just as carriers are now bundling phone charges to sell iPhones and? IPads?

Ultimately, the sales structure might turn out to be like this: 5G carriers charge monthly for the latest MacBook, while Apple provides all its services, such as entertainment and games, to Mac users in a way that maintains connectivity.

However, MacBook is a professional tool after all. Its purchasing value is that it is an absolute productivity tool. It is not known whether users can accept this hardware subscription mode when it comes to productivity. For a person who needs to work at MacBook at any time, it may be necessary to change his mind.

Of course, in any case, 5G technology seems to be the most likely way to cut off our cable connections and benefit the real wireless Internet. It will take a long time to launch a 5G MacBook that will benefit users. First, we need to wait for the maturity of 5G environment, enough 5G base stations and a reasonable data flow charging scheme. Second, we need to solve the cooperation problems with different operators, including premiums and subsidies. Apple has a huge plan to achieve it.

So, before 5G really arrives, we may have all kinds of expectations for 5G MacBook, but in the short term, the more important thing for MacBook and pen products may be the universal support for WiFi6.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Weifeng: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941