After seeing my boyfriends circle of friends, I broke up with him decisively.

 After seeing my boyfriends circle of friends, I broke up with him decisively.

Jiang Yi even thought about deciding to marry Ye Ming next year. But suddenly one day, she found that she could no longer see Ye Mingfas circle of friends. When she opened Ye Mings micro-message head as usual, she found a blank in his circle of friends.

When she asked Ye Ming, Why cant I see your circle of friends now? Have you blocked me?

Ye Ming smiled and answered, How can I shield you? I just closed the circle of friends completely, and I dont intend to send it again in the future. In this way, I can spare more time and energy to do more meaningful things.

Until one day, she unconsciously found that her boyfriend Ye Ming not only did not close the circle of friends, but also often published the circle of friends. It can be said that his circle of friends has almost never stopped.

However, he would never mention Jiang Yi in his circle of friends. He even deleted all the previous developments about them. Almost all of his most frequent friendscircle dynamics are self-portraits of himself or scenery during his journey. In his circle of friends, he deliberately creates the illusion that he is still single.

Since then, Jiang Yi has kept an eye on it. Once, while her boyfriend was asleep, she secretly opened his cell phone. When she clicked on her boyfriends circle of friends, she could see his true face thoroughly. Originally, boyfriends often leave messages with other women under the circle of friends, and their conversations are full of ambiguities.

The more she looked, the more angry she became, so she broke up with Ye Ming decisively in her anger.

Jiang Yi said frankly: After seeing his boyfriends circle of friends, I broke up with him decisively, because I really cant stand his deception. If he doesnt love me, he can tell me directly that I cant live without him.

Thus, before a woman decides to associate with a man, you must carefully weigh your position and weight in his heart. Judging whether a man is worth socializing, you can see from his circle of friends.

1. Will his circle of friends be open to you?

If a man doesnt want to be open to you even in his circle of friends, that means he may not really love you. When a man likes to make friends, suddenly one day, you can no longer see the dynamics of his circle of friends, you can not really understand and master his latest trends and messages, then it shows that he has nine out of ten no longer love you.

The more a man truly loves you, the more he will take the initiative to open his circle of friends to you. Because he really loves you, he wants you to really integrate into his life.

If he is willing to open his circle of friends to you, even if his circle of friends is only open to you, then it shows that he really loves you. Otherwise, it means that he may not love you enough or trust you enough.

If a man never mentions you in his circle of friends, refuses to publish even a picture of you, and refuses to take the initiative to introduce you to relatives and friends around him, it shows that he may not really love you.

If a man really loves you, he will always mention you in his circle of friends. For example, he will express his love and concern for you through his circle of friends, he will also expose all kinds of small gifts he gave you, he will also expose your photos, and so on.

Jiang Yi broke up with Ye Ming, who had been with her for three years. An important reason is that Ye Ming had various intimate interactions with other women in her circle of friends, and her words were ambiguous.

Therefore, if a man wants to firmly grasp a womans heart, you must always pay attention to his words and deeds. You dont always interact with other women in your circle of friends, but you completely ignore the existence of women. Otherwise, for a long time, women will naturally be suspicious of you, how she loves you will not be able to help but gradually away from you.

For women, when you find a man who likes to make friends dynamic, suddenly no longer opens his friends dynamic to you, or that he never mentions your existence in the circle of friends, nor does he ever spend time and Thoughts on you, then in nine cases out of ten, it means that he no longer loves you, his heart has already. Without you. Now thats it, you can let go as soon as possible.