Woman Married to a Phoenix Man: You can marry, but you have to ask yourself three questions before you get married.

 Woman Married to a Phoenix Man: You can marry, but you have to ask yourself three questions before you get married.

In other words, when a woman meets a man from Phoenix, besides bringing her own economic strength to support him, she also needs to support her family, and the key point is that he will only ask for it and will never be grateful.

This is not alarmism.

Many examples tell us that facts and truth are always cruel.

In a letter to Ming Yiyue, Miss Yu from Xian, talking about her past with the Phoenix Man, cant help but sigh.

Miss Yu is also called Baifumei in Xian. Both her parents are senior managers of the company. There are two sets of real estate in her name. When others are still running for their lives, she has already driven a millionaire car and is an only child. Such a condition is naturally a good girl wants everything, but she falls in love with the man of the company. Colleagues, a real Phoenix man.

Phoenix male comes from remote mountainous areas, with five brothers and sisters. Her parents are sick all the year round. When she pursues Miss Yu, she is frank about our family is poor. Miss Yu has also seen the kind of earthen house that the wind almost falls down at one time, but she cant stand countless warm care messages a day, the meal is always ready to wait for her in advance. Even her physiological period is accurate... It makes you feel warm again. Then Miss Yu falls into the trap and cries out to marry a phoenix man.

Phoenix man agrees to be burdened with only one condition: After marriage, our family needs my care...

Miss Yu said she had no pressure. If you dont give them more money, it doesnt matter...

However, the voice of opposition is extremely strong.

Of course, the most disagreeable person is her parents.

The reason why Miss Yus parents oppose it is not just that they are poor, but that they are afraid that the man loves not his daughter, but our family conditions. But this is a matter that needs to be considered indefinitely. Moreover, Miss Yu has been deeply affectionate and sowed early. How can we open it up?

First, ask yourself, the door is wrong, in addition to that poor love, your three views are consistent? And does he love your people or your conditions?

Second, ask yourself, marrying a phoenix man is equivalent to marrying back their family, from the heart to the economy, can you give your life without regret?

Third, ask yourself, the marriage of strong women and weak men will inevitably lead to problems. For the sake of the long-term marriage, can you let go of your lower body, and can he be willing to grievance for a lifetime?

Love is always charming, but eyes will shine one day.

A woman who marries a man in Phoenix can marry, but before marriage, she should ask herself three questions. If the voice in her heart tells you that there is still a trace of hesitation, please be careful to understand that marriage has always been Zhumen to Zhumen, Zhumen to Zhumen. Sooner or later, the fall of deep love will push you to the shore of reality.