China is 1.5 kilometers behind in the airborne emissions project and still recovers to win

 China is 1.5 kilometers behind in the airborne emissions project and still recovers to win

Speed and Passion of Chinese Team in International Military Competition-2019 and Airborne Volleyball Chasing Race

Xinhua News Agency, Puskov, Russia, Aug. 9 (Reporter Huang Shubofangchao) International Military Competition - 2019, Airborne platoon project vehicle chase race was held on the 8th at the Redwood Boat Range in Puskov, Russia. Fourteen teams from seven countries, such as China, Russia and Kazakhstan, started fierce competition. The Chinese team played fast and passionately under unfavourable conditions. It won the first place in the group and was praised by foreign troops.

According to Fan Yanqiang, coach of the Chinese teams chariot project team, the chariot chase competition tests the comprehensive performance of the participating chariots and the driving skills, shooting literacy and the cooperative combat ability of the team members. It is a comprehensive assessment of the technical and tactical level of the airborne troops and the overall combat ability of the chariots. In accordance with the requirements of the race, the competing teams should pass 12 kinds of obstacles, such as anti-tank trench, lightning barrier passage and fire barrier belt, on a total of 12 kilometers of track, and then complete the firing of vehicle-borne weapons against hidden targets. According to the drawing order, China, Venezuela and Kazakhstan are in the second group.

Venezuela, Kazakhstan and the first Chinese team set off at 11:10 pm local time on the 8th, one minute apart. Soon after, Venezuelas chariot broke down when it crossed the obstacle, and Chinas chariot overtook it and continued to catch up with Kazakhstans chariot. Facing the disadvantage of the third parking space, Chen Linyuan, the driver, was bold and careful, and quickly passed various obstacles, slightly behind the Kazakh chariot to reach the shooting area. During the shooting competition, the Kazakh chariot was penalized 400 meters for losing an artillery target. The Chinese teams shooter, Xie Zhijie, won time for the Chinese team with six rounds in the middle, and finally ended the first round with a three-minute lead.

In the second group race, the Russian referee team postponed the Venezuelan teams first group of chariots to the next one because of the damage. Only two chariots of the Chinese team and Kazakhstan team were on the track. China 802, also in the rear parking space, leveled Kazakhstans chariot five minutes after departure and almost simultaneously entered the shooting area. However, after the shooting competition started, Hu Qinsheng, the excellent shooter in the last stage of the Chinese team, made a mistake, hitting only three of the six targets, resulting in a penalty circle of 1.2 kilometers for 802 teams. By the time Chinas chariots finished the penalty circle, Kazakhstans chariots had taken the lead. The 802 train set up to catch up. Ding Qijue, the driver, narrowed the gap with the Kazakh chariot by the fastest speed of the single lap on the same day, and finally crossed the finish line by 30 seconds ahead of the Kazakh chariot.

The Chinese paratroopers performed very well today, and the level of the participants was top-notch. Colonel Govorov, Vice President of the Airborne Platoon Event and Russian Airborne Soldier, spoke highly of the performance of Chinese Airborne Soldiers.

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