Japanese Media: Japans New Defense White Paper or Koreas Importance Degraded

 Japanese Media: Japans New Defense White Paper or Koreas Importance Degraded

BEIJING, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) News Agency of Japan (Kyodo News Agency) learned on August 9 the contents of the original defense white paper of the Japanese government in 2019. In the chapter Safety and Security Cooperation which records the achievements of cooperation and exchanges with countries other than the United States, the ranking of countries regarded as showing importance has been changed. Regarding Korea, Australia ranked second in the 2018 edition and fourth in 2019.

In this regard, the Ministry of Defense sources frankly said: This means a de facto downgrade. In the field of security, Japans clear position is also displayed around the antagonism with South Korea.

It is reported that the white paper on defense is expected to report at the cabinet meeting as soon as mid-September. The issue of updating the Agreement on the Protection of Military Intelligence (GSOMIA) between the two countries, which met the deadline on August 24, also surfaced. Japan hopes to continue the agreement, but South Korea implies or terminates the agreement, and security relations may continue to deteriorate in the future.

In the chapter of security cooperation, Japan introduces Korea after Australia, India and ASEAN, which are positioned as quasi-allies. The narrative refers to the illumination of fire control radar on Self-Defense Force aircraft in December 2018 and the requirement that the Maritime Self-Defense Force should not fly its self-defense flag, stating that concerns will continue to be properly addressed. The 2018 edition states that there are difficult problems between Japan and South Korea, but it is important to move forward in the future.

Reported that the original case also mentioned around Akita and Yamaguchi counties, in the introduction of land-based missile interception system land-based Aegis system plan of the Ministry of Defense to investigate the problem of error, said that the most inappropriate response to sincere reflection.

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