Cantonese Media: Cannavaros hard battle is always unsatisfactory. This time, he wants to win more than anyone else.

 Cantonese Media: Cannavaros hard battle is always unsatisfactory. This time, he wants to win more than anyone else.

13 winning streaks need to break through the workforce

At present, Guangzhou Hengda team is 4 points ahead of Guoan in the scoring table. If this battle can get 3 points away from home, the team will lead by 7 points. With 7 rounds remaining in the league, the advantage of 7 points is very obvious. If Guangzhou Evergrande and its rivals draw, the gap between the two sides is still 4 points, which is also acceptable to the Guangzhou Evergrande Brigade.

In the first round of this season, Guangzhou Evergreen Team lost one goal at home, which is also a good opportunity for the team to revenge. If we can capture the workforce, we will get three precious points at the same time, which will also break the myth of Guoans unbeaten home league this season. And the Guangzhou Evergreen Team can equalize Lunengs record of 13 consecutive wins in the top flight in 2006.

In terms of injuries, there is still a huge difference between the two teams. Guangzhou Evergrande, including Taliska heavyweight players are in good condition, Elkson, Paulinio is in good condition.

This season, Elkson and Paulinio have scored 14 goals in the league, especially after the return of the Little Bear, which made fans very excited. On the road to Luneng, Elkson got three chances, one net break, one crossbar hit, and one single knife blocked. This kind of stable output in the forbidden zone is what the Guangzhou Evergreen Brigade needs most. Today, Elkson has scored 102 goals in Chinas top flight, and then he will attack Li Jinyus record of 119 goals in Chinas top flight.

However, there are many injuries in the National Security Front. Zhang and Li Lei will probably not be able to compete in this match. In addition, Fernando, who replaced Vieira, is still in the process of adapting. What is the state of this campaign, we still need to ask a question mark.

Cannavaro is in a tough battle again

After returning to Guangzhou Evergreen Team in early 2018, when Cannavaro led the team against Guoan, the result was 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat. Last year, when Guangzhou Hengda was a guest worker, the shortage of Major General and the team who played with single foreign aid led by two goals, they were scored two goals in a row before the end of the game, and the two sides drew. The match also made the Italian coach reluctant.

Last year, Guangzhou Evergrande lost to Shanghai in the key battle for championship. The road to defending the title came to an abrupt end. Cannavaros use of troops in the two rounds was also criticized. In addition, this years home defeat to Guoan, Cannavaros performance in the face of hard battles always seems unsatisfactory. Cannavaro must have wanted to win the race more than anyone else when he came across a tough opponent on the way to the championship again.

It should be noted that Guoan has just replaced the coach, German Schmidt was replaced by French Renessio, the new coach took office in the first game, Guoan relied on two penalties at home to beat Hebei Huaxia Happiness. It is precisely because of these two penalties that Guoan in Beijing became the topic of discussion among fans this week. Counting the number of penalties scored by Hengda, Guoan and Hong Kong in recent years, the results show that Guoan is indeed the top three teams in terms of penalties scored.

In the first round of this season, when Guangzhou Hengda played Guoan at home, the referee Klatenberg let go of Yu Dabaos obvious handball in the restricted area. This penalty can be said to have directly changed the result of the game.

Of course, apart from other factors, the Beijing National Security Team has been actively preparing for the battle under Genesios leadership for nearly a week, and the French are also seizing the time to run in with the team. How the battle results are, it can be said, will directly determine the success or failure of Genesios coaching in China. When Schmidt first took office, he led Guoan to win the hearts of fans by beating Guangzhou Evergreen University at home. As a successor, Genessio naturally wants to replicate this achievement, so the whole team is not afraid to neglect, hoping to be able to give a gift to the new manager.

There are nearly 10 matches between the two sides. Hengda has absolute psychological advantage with 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. When the two teams meet again, the hot scene is bound to be indispensable. The tickets of Gongti have been sold out. Perhaps this will be the best match of the season.

Gao Jing, Beijing Reporter of New Express

Source: New Express Responsible Editor: Xu Song_NS1943