Wind King Lichma landed in Wenling in the morning! Heavy storms swept through Zhejiang, and Wenling suffered extensive power outages.

 Wind King Lichma landed in Wenling in the morning! Heavy storms swept through Zhejiang, and Wenling suffered extensive power outages.

1:45 a.m. on August 10

Typhoon No. 9 of this year, Lichma

Landing at South Town of Wenling City

Pictures from Zhejiang Online

The intensity of landing is super typhoon level.

It is the third best in Dengzhe in the past 70 years.

Central pressure 930 hPa

Maximum central wind speed 52 m/s


At 0.40 a.m. today, south of Shitang, Wenling, there was a 17-degree wind of 58.6 m/s in Sangaria Island. Just before Typhoon Lichma landed, its central pressure was 935 hPa. Compared with the super typhoon and strong typhoon that landed in Zhejiang from the founding of the Peoples Republic of China to 2018, Lichma was absolutely a cruel role.

The storms brought to Zhejiang by Lichma are extremely lethal.

Influenced by Typhoon Lichma, precipitation above 50 mm and gales of 8-10 magnitude occurred in Ningbo, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Zhoushan and southern Shaoxing from 20:00 to 23:00 on September 9. There were gales of 10-14 magnitude on the coastal sea surface. The cumulative rainfall ranged from 115.0 mm in Cangshan to 16 (52.4 m/s) in Hutou Island.

There are 10-15 Gales in the coastal waters of Zhejiang Province, and 8-10 Gales in the coastal and inland areas.

Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be 11-14 Gales in the East China Sea today, and 15-17 Gales in the vicinity of the typhoon center. There are heavy rainstorms in most areas of Zhejiang Province, and some of them are heavy rainstorms in the eastern and Northern areas, and some of them are very heavy rainstorms.

After the landing of Lichma

Video Source: Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue

Typhoon Lichma has affected the whole territory of Zhejiang Province


Taizhou Wenling Shitang_

Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge_

Yuhuan Kanmen Dongsha Seaside_

A big tree scraped down by a car in Gaotang Island Township of Xiangshan Mountains pressed_

According to Zhejiang News Client, at about 2:18 a.m. on the 10th, a meeting on Typhoon Defense Lichma was held, and the provincial defense finger was connected to Wenling City. Wenling City Fangzhi reported that after the typhoon landed, the average wind power in Wenling was 12-13, 14-16 along the coast, and the maximum wind power was located in Shitang. It is understood that the riverbed water level rises rapidly and generally exceeds the warning line. At present, 22 houses have collapsed and no casualties have been reported.

At the same time, Wenling suffered a large-scale blackout, with 92% of the power load loss. Wenling City Command Center is currently relying on power generation equipment, next Wenling will hold a meeting to deploy follow-up work.

Zhejiang Province as a whole

Almost wrapped in typhoon clouds

@ The weather in Zhejiang was distributed at 21:54 p.m. on August 9 and said, Have you seen such a dense warning signal? The whole Zhejiang Province is almost wrapped up by typhoon clouds!

An early warning picture was also included.

And on the evening of August 9

The streets near the sea in Taizhou are already a vast ocean.


Reporters learned from the Provincial Preventive Bureau that as of 19:00 on August 9, 11624 places for disaster relief and resettlement had been opened in the whole province, with 645,289 people transferred, of whom 94,485 had been resettled in places for disaster relief.

Reporters chasing after the wind

Emergency of Taizhou Section of Shenhai Expressway

The side of the highway seems to have collapsed. Just go up three highways and come a kilometer. Come and see... Rain and wind, Taizhou high-speed traffic police received such a sudden danger: Shenhai high-speed Taizhou section of sudden danger!

In critical moments, from receiving an alarm to timely and effective video patrols, only three minutes are needed to determine the exact location of the accident. Next, the police were mobilized to fight for seconds in the extreme weather near Typhoon Lichma. The high-speed traffic police completed the closure and diversion of the sudden section in only 10 minutes to ensure the safety of the rear vehicles and drivers.

At 20:02 p.m. on August 9, the Shenhai Expressway collapsed at 1600KM+500M (the exit of Yanfeng Tunnel in Sanmen County) towards Wenzhou. The mud area in the lane is about 30 square meters and the height is about 30 centimeters. In the case of strong wind and heavy rain, a passing vehicle is not careful, and it is easy to cause accidents and very dangerous.

After receiving the alarm, the deputy leader of Yao Yongzhong of Taizhou High Speed Traffic Police Command Center immediately dispatched the civilian police of the command center to conduct video patrols. Only three minutes later, the police determined the exact location of the incident. From the monitoring, we can see that in the dangerous section of the road, there are some branches and stones scattered, and the sediment from the mountain body is fan-shaped accumulation to the high-speed road surface.

As of 22:50 p.m. on August 9, the high-speed traffic police had organized surveys by owners, road administrators and maintenance personnel, and overnight rush repairs. As of the deadline for submission, excavators, forklifts and engineering trucks were being cleaned up at the scene.

Material readiness in temporary settlements

At about 20 p.m. on August 9, Qianjiang Evening News reporters came to the Yueqing Sports Center in Wenzhou, which is the largest temporary settlement in Yueqing. In the basketball deputy hall, the reporter saw that about 300 people were resting here.

Wu Wenrong, Director of the Social Affairs Office of Chengdong Street, said, Since more than 8 oclock this morning, this temporary settlement has begun to accommodate nearby residents. Construction workers, including family members and children, came to temporary settlements in eight nearby construction sites. There were more people in the morning, about 600 at most, and then some of them moved to other settlements. In the evening, there were more than 540 people in the basketball deputy hall and corridor.

In order to cope with the temporary resettlement, Chengdong Street prepared drinking water, convenience food, towel quilts, emergency kits and other materials to meet your needs.

After seeing the typhoon warning, the responsible person of the construction site contacted the street actively and sent the relevant staff to help maintain order and do a good job of resettlement service.

Check the hanging of the high pole lamp on the apron, check the seaworthiness of the approaching lamp system in 06, and take photos by Zhu Renjie

Major Airlines decided to cancel a large number of flights on the 10th day based on Typhoon dynamics and aircraft impact assessment. As of 21:30 on September 9, the airlines that have confirmed the cancellation of all-day flights on the 10th have:

Eastern Airlines (MU, Customer Service Telephone 95530)

Capital Airlines (JD, Customer Service Telephone 95375)

Xiamen Airlines (MF, Customer Service Telephone 95557)

Hebei Airlines (NS, Customer Service Telephone 0311-96699)

Auspicious Airlines (HO, Customer Service Telephone 021-95520)

Xiangpeng Airlines (8L, Customer Service Telephone 95326)

Shandong Airlines (SC, Customer Service Telephone 95369)

Shenzhen Airlines (ZH, Customer Service Telephone 95361)

Urumqi (UQ, Customer Service Telephone 95334)

In addition, in addition to Long Dragon Airlines, other airline planes will be transferred on the 9th night, and flights on the 10th morning will be affected. The airport reminds the passengers to pay attention to the weather changes. Please contact the airlines on their flights in time so as to arrange their itineraries reasonably. Airport customer service telephone 0571-96299.

Affected by Typhoon Lichma, Air China today arranged for all planes to stay overnight at the outpost, cancelled all flights leaving Hangzhou tomorrow and some incoming flights. According to weather conditions, the earliest incoming flights are expected to arrive after 20 oclock.

Apart from flights, passenger buses on the 10th day were also affected by typhoon. Currently, flights on the following routes have been confirmed to be cancelled:

Passengers can consult through the official network or public number of Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou to find the station telephone of each line in Ground Transport - Airport Bus.

On the evening of August 9, Qianjiang Evening News reporters learned from Hangzhou Municipal Facilities Development Center that 12,000 public berths in Hangzhou will be suspended from around 6 p.m. on August 9.

So, during the suspension period, do parking fees need to be paid back?

The answer is: No.

Staff members said that the parking fee collector would settle the parking fee before the day before work. If the owner parks the car in a public parking space after the toll collector leaves work, there is no charge for the period until the toll collector resumes work.

When will the fee be restored?

Staff said that the fee for berth restoration depends on weather conditions. If the typhoon passes through, the weather improves, and there is no charge in the area because of water accumulation or tree lodging, it will recover.

That is to say, if you pick up a car and see a toll collector at the scene to manage it, or see a new ticket in front of the windshield, it means that your car billing has started again.

In addition, the Hangzhou Municipal Facilities Development Center would like to remind you that when you come home from work tonight, try to park your car in a relatively safe berth.

According to the announcement, since August 9, service adjustments have been made in cities affected by typhoon weather to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. The scope of service adjustments in relevant cities is as follows:

Droplets indicate that in the relevant areas affected by typhoon, the off-line passengers will be dynamically adjusted, and according to the real-time weather conditions, the passengers will be given weather conditions and travel safety tips by droplets of APP bullet windows, landing pages, push notification reminders, etc.

At the same time, APP will also send voice broadcasts and Emergency Weather education documents to remind the drivers to pay attention to driving safety. Driver service managers in all regions will also give safety warnings and warnings to the drivers. In addition, drip drivers can view the water accumulation situation in the nearby area through the water accumulation map provided by the platform, so as to avoid misleading into the deeper water accumulation area.

1. The shop closed in the morning on the 10th and opened at 2 p.m.

2. Hangzhou Mansion was suspended for half a day on the 10th, and the specific time of its resumption in the afternoon remains to be determined.

3. On August 9 and 10, the citys landscape lighting facilities (including performance lights, landscape lights without functional functions) were temporarily shut down. This part of the outage is the second outage of landscape lights in Hangzhou after typhoon Haikui in 2012. It mainly covers West Lake Scenic Area, Qianjiang New Town Lighting Show, Canal Line, Elevated Line and so on.

At present, there are more than 2.8 million sets of landscape lighting facilities in the public areas of Hangzhous main urban area, of which 435,000 sets are city-managed landscape lights.

4. The Hangzhou Station of Wang Leehongs World Tour Concert of Dragons Heritage 2060 was postponed.

Warm tips from Qian Baojun

Say important words three times

Dont go out!

Dont go out!

Safety first, pay attention to precautions

Source: Qianjiang Evening News/Zhejiang 24-hour reporter Yang Yifan, Luojun Wu Chongyuan, Sun Yan correspondent Zhu Jianmeifu, Jiangguan Wucheng

Part of the content is synthesized from China Blue TV, Zhejiang Voice, Ningbo Evening News and other Zhejiang news clients.