Attention to Tourists Max Chu-xi Zhongs Cargo-carrying Ability

 Attention to Tourists Max Chu-xi Zhongs Cargo-carrying Ability

Zhong Chuxi, who hasnt participated in the tour for a long time, brought a guide to travel strategy: make a list for herself before going out, on a dense piece of paper, every luggage in the trip is clearly written at a glance; what about bad weather, take a portable humidifier; how about the sun is too poisonous, she has the whole head wrapped up. Sun-shading artifacts; what about the thighs that are nowhere to be placed on the plane, nothing wrong, and pillow artifacts; what about the camera being too heavy, portable photography more suitable for literary and artistic youth; even every days clothing and dress, Zhong Chuxi has made a notebook with a picture taken one by one...

By putting on makeup and mending clothes, Zhong Chuxis strong practical ability has been trained. Looking at Zhong Chuxis strategy, I just want to open a treasure app and load it into the shopping cart one by one. The most complete guidebook for visual inspection of Zhong Chuxis travel and cargo needs to be searched immediately by a treasure fever.

Travel is accompanied by beautiful scenery and pleasant to the eye. Of course, there are also exciting adventures that make peoples hearts beat faster. This time, Zhang Yuqi and Zhong Chuxi took the audience to experience what a real man is.

Another line, Chung Chuxi, unlocked India, also experienced a variety of local delicacies that could not be described. The special snacks with stinky tofu flavor made it difficult for others to swallow, but she ate enthusiastically. Whats more exciting is that the pirate boats and crazy Ferris wheel in the playground on the way are more like adventure experiences, which make the daring Zhong Chuxi happy: Now I think Ill come to India next time! Forget all the initial worries.

Indispensable gossip

Which is better, Yang Fang or Baby? Chen Xuedong Encountered Send Proposition

Safety and excitement accompanied by travel, also can not be short of sweet and gossip. Within two days of the journey, the unfamiliar young men and women in the regiment have all looked right. The CP sense makes the group members eat more dog food, which reminds us of the pure love in the university.

When all kinds of gossip of celebrities were revealed one after another, it was obvious that the overwhelming advantage quickly attracted the attention of the group members. How long have you been single, Chen Xuedong? How does it feel to kiss? Do you really want to kiss or can you borrow? Which star do you like best to work with? Which is good-looking between Yang Fang and Baby?... A series of gossip almost caught Chen Xuedong by surprise. For a moment, his first kiss on the screen triggered a lot of screams.

Obviously, this group of friends is full of skills. The people who eat melon cant wait to know the correct answer behind the gossip. Lock this Saturday (August 10) at 20:30 p.m. Zhejiang Satellite TV Attention to Tourists, muskmelon overwhelming.

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