Premier League-Salah pass Van Dykes 4-1 win over Liverpool

 Premier League-Salah pass Van Dykes 4-1 win over Liverpool

In the 7th minute, Liverpool launched a fast attack, Origi left near the baseline position continued to shake after passing, Norwich defenders made a mistake in front of the goal, Hanley inadvertently kicked the ball into the front door, 1-0, Liverpool made a fantastic start.

In the 10th minute, Norwich attacked, Stepman dribbled the ball into the penalty area and shot it angrily. The ball was over the beam. In the 16th minute, Origi made a breakthrough after catching and dribbling the ball on the left side. Robertson put it back in and hit the door with his foot directly. The ball rubbed the crossbar out of the bottom line.

In the 20th minute, Salah was destroyed by the opponents players when he got the ball in the penalty area, but the ball went astonishingly into the penalty area. Fermino grabbed the first landing point and scored the ball to Salah, who shot low into the net on the right side of the penalty area, 2-0, expanding Liverpools lead.

In the 21st minute, Norwich played a brilliant match in the front field. Kip received a top-pick pass and was blocked by Alisons single-shot shot in the restricted area. Then the referee indicated that Kip was offside first. In the 26th minute, Norwich continued to put pressure on Liverpool to pass the ball to the centre. Stepman volleyed the ball vigorously in front of the Liverpool penalty area and Alison threw it out.

In the 28th minute, Liverpool got a corner kick. Salah raised his hands and sent the ball into the penalty area. Van Dick did not jump and headed directly. The ball flew straight to the goal, 3-0. Liverpool further expanded the score.

In the 36th minute, Norwich got a corner kick and Tribble headed the ball off the right post. One minute later, Liverpool had an unexpected situation and Alison slipped when he opened the goal, which prevented him from sustaining his injury and being replaced by Adrian.

In the 42nd minute, Arnolds 45-degree cross from the right side, Origi grabbed a nod in front of the goal, 4-0, adding to the Liverpool championship.

In the 45 + 1 minute, Liverpools front court finished the steal, Fermino got the ball in the front of the big penalty area, shaking off the defender and hitting the goal directly. The ball was blocked. At the end of the half-game, Liverpool led Norwich 4-0.

In the 47th minute, Origis left dribble broke through and then passed the ball down. Hendersons shovel hit the cross beam, Arnolds right catch broke through and swept across the restricted area. Fermino stopped and turned to shoot. The ball rubbed the pillar out of the baseline. In the 53rd minute, Liverpool grabbed the front court, Salah went into the penalty area and directly rubbed the ball into the far corner, the ball rubbed against the pillar and went out of the goal. One minute later, Henderson was blocked from the penalty area with one foot, Fabio put his foot in the back and shot a long shot. The ball was blocked by Cruel. In the 61st minute, Norwich launched an attack, Letner banned a direct Explosive Shot in the restricted area, and the ball hit the crossbar.

In the 63rd minute, Novichs Front-court Buendia was precisely positioned. The ball found Puki in the middle of the penalty area. The latter made a slight adjustment after catching the ball and hit the goal directly from a small angle. The ball went into the net, 4-1, and Novich pulled back to a city.

In the 70th minute, Fermino completed the kick-wall cooperation with Salah at the front of the restricted area. Fermino started to hit the door directly, slightly off the right column. In the 78th minute, Norwichs right road was transferred widely. Hernandez started to hit the goal directly in the restricted area. The ball was confiscated by Adrian. In the 84th minute, Liverpool got a free kick on the line of the penalty area. Arnold hit the goal directly, and Cruel threw the ball out.

At the end of the game, Liverpool beat Norwich 4-1 at home to make a good start to the new season.

The appearances of both sides are listed as follows:

Liverpool (4-3-3): 1-Alison (3813-Adrian); 66-Arnold, 12-Jo-Gomez, 4-Van Dick, 26-Robertson; 3-Fabio, 14-Henderson, 5-Wienerdum; 27-Origie (7310-Mane), 11-Salah, 9-Fermino (857-Milner)

Norwich (4-2-3-1): 1-Cruel; 12-Louis, 4-Godfrey, 5-Hanley, 2-Arens; 19-Tribble (6911-Hernandez), 23-McLean; 14-Cantwell, 17-Bundea, 18-Steppelman (5710-Lettner); 22-Puki (8220-Del Mini)