Little Ted: The game mentality has matured Selby: Hes incredibly confident.

 Little Ted: The game mentality has matured Selby: Hes incredibly confident.

Trump excelled in this national championship, especially after defeating Joe Perry in the eighth finals, raising his world ranking to first place. In this semi-final, he played Mark Selby, who had been in the world for the first seven years. This relationship added a lot of interest to the game.

At the beginning of the game, Mark Searles ratio gained a 3-1 lead, but then Mr. President took over the game, winning seven consecutive games to get Trump to the competition point. It is worth mentioning that Trump had four consecutive rounds of zero Sealby.

Selby, who had become a spectator, seized the opportunity to save a match point in the 12th inning, but Trump was reluctant to get entangled. In the 13th inning, Trump finished the game 72-9, setting the semi-final score at 9-4.

Trump is playing very well today. Selby described his opponents performance as unbelievable. I also lost some balls myself, which caused mood swings.

After winning his first world championship, Trump has raised his world ranking to the first place. It can be said that there is no limit to the small special scenery nowadays. Trump is very confident now. Selby used the word unbelievable again. Some balls, replaced by OSullivan or other top players, may not be strong, but Trump is so confident now that he can hit the ball.

Trump later came to the press conference: This is the first championship game of the new season. I think its a good start.

Over the years, Trump has become more mature, whether in football skills or psychology, such changes have also made him gain more achievements and honors. I think Im really getting older. Now Im really serious about practicing football. In an interview, Trump once again mentioned his brother, He gave me a lot of help, just now, he just spoke to me a few words, so that I can concentrate more on their own level of play. (Xiaofan, China Billiards Association)

Source: Responsible Editor of the Official Website of China Billiards Association: Cao Liemen_NS1806