Peoples Daily: External intervention is a social disaster in Hong Kong

 Peoples Daily: External intervention is a social disaster in Hong Kong

After the controversy over the issue of amendments in Hong Kong society, the SAR Government announced that it would stop the work of amendments altogether in order to widely listen to the opinions of all sectors of society and promote the restoration of rational calm in society. This is a concrete manifestation of respecting public opinion and governing by law. However, some radical violence activists in Hong Kong continue to create violence under the guise of opposing amendments. Their violent and illegal acts are shocking and outrageous. The facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive. Their actions have gone far beyond the scope of free expression of opinions, seriously threatening public security and seriously affecting the rule of law, social order, economic and livelihood of Hong Kong and its international image.

However, some Western governments, such as the United States, have been selectively blind, reversing black and white and confusing right and wrong. Senior officials have also been arranged to meet with anti-China and chaotic Hong Kong leaders to support the illegal activities of radical violence in Hong Kong and to destroy the prosperity, stability and security of Hong Kong. They criticized the SAR Government for its administration in accordance with the law and the central governments policy towards Hong Kong. They also criticized the one country, two systems with ulterior motives. These gross interference in Chinas internal affairs is a flagrant violation of the basic norms of international law and international relations.

Some Western politicians, such as the United States, have shown what double standards are naked in Hong Kongs performance in the upheaval. In their view, violence is called violence only when it occurs in their country. Violence in other countries and regions is a problem of human rights and freedom. Violents who attack the police and destroy order in their country are called rioters, while those who destroy public property, attack government organs and even attack the police in other countries and regions are called rioters. It is the fighter of human rights and freedom. Such absurd and hypocritical double standards expose their ugly face of interfering in other countriesinternal affairs under the guise of freedom and human rights. In the violence in Hong Kong, the role played by the United States and other Western governments has become Sima Zhaos heart, known to all.

Hong Kong is Chinas Hong Kong. Hong Kongs affairs belong to Chinas internal affairs and can not be interfered by any external forces. The central government is unswerving in its determination to implement the principle of one country, two systems, and in its determination and will to safeguard the sovereign security and development interests of the country. Any attempt to disrupt Hong Kong, undermine Chinas good development situation and obstruct the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is doomed to failure. We once again warn some Western governments, such as the United States, to be prudent in their words and deeds, to abide by their commitments, to abide by the basic norms of international law and international relations, to stop interfering in Hong Kongs affairs and Chinas internal affairs under any pretext, to stop sending any wrong signals to violent wrongdoings, and to withdraw their black hands in Hong Kong as soon as possible.

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