Eight men reported to the police that they had lost their connection after borrowing money from a couple of women

 Eight men reported to the police that they had lost their connection after borrowing money from a couple of women

Lend 70,000 yuan and be blackened

No company registered by men exists

Ms. Wang, a 24-year-old Lantian native, lives in Beilin District of Xian City and works in finance. In mid-December 2017, she met Yang Mou through mobile dating software, and soon met. At that time, 23-year-old Yang Mou claimed to be a Lintong native, the owner of two companies. He was also driving Mercedes-Benz, and he was handsome. In January 2018, the couple confirmed their relationship and began to communicate.

On February 12, 2018, on the way to send Ms. Wang home, Yang borrowed 60,000 yuan from Ms. Wang in the name of paying salaries to employees of one of the companies.

I was a little suspicious and didnt want to lend it to him, but he said a lot of reasons and promised to pay it back. Ms. Wang said she lent 60 thousand yuan to Yang, which included more than 4000 yuan from Alipay. At that time, there was only more than 30 thousand of my investment banks card balance, but he wanted to borrow more than 50 thousand, and I also borrowed more than 10 thousand from the bank.

On March 1, 2018, the bank sent a message to Ms. Wang for repayment. After I told him, he said that I should withdraw 15,000 yuan from another bank to pay back. Ms. Wang said that the 15,000 yuan was borrowed by Yang Mou before February 12, when Yang Mou could not bring out the money, but under the circumstances, she could only tear down the east wall to repair the West wall.

Not long ago, the $4000 borrowed from Alipay also arrived at the repayment period. But at this time, Miss Wang had not contacted Yang. He pulled me black, and the phone could not get through.

Realizing that she was deceived, Ms. Wang went to several companies mentioned before by Yang Mou to find him, but these companies only registered online information, in fact, does not exist at all, and his car is rented.

Around the Courts Judgment

Men have been out of touch.

Subsequently, Ms. Wang reported the case, and the police let Ms. Wang and Yang Mou settle the case through civil lawsuit on the grounds that they belonged to a couple relationship and the matter was not a criminal case.

On April 20, 2018, Ms. Wang filed a complaint with the Beilin District Court, which in July of that year notified Yang of the summons, but was rejected. On December 21 of the same year, the court accepted the case twice. Yang Mou did not arrive. On that day, the court of Beilin District produced a civil judgment against the defendant Yang Mou.

On August 8, in the civil judgment provided by Ms. Wang, the reporter saw the following contents: the defendant Yang Mou repaid the plaintiffs loan principal of 72059 yuan within 20 days after the judgment came into effect. If the obligation to pay money is not fulfilled within the period specified in this judgment, the interest on the debt during the period of delay in performance shall be doubled in accordance with Article 253 of the Civil Procedure Law.

Despite the courts judgment on Yang Mou, but since April 2018, Yang Mou has been in a state of disconnection, the court can not contact him, so Ms. Wangs cheated money has not been returned.

Many people were deceived

The suspected crime has been transferred to the police.

Ms. Wang is not the only woman deceived by Yang Mou.

In late July 2018, Ms. Wang met 10 people who had the same experience of being deceived as herself on the short video App, including those in her province and those in other provinces. Subsequently, 10 of them formed a group of Wechat, telling the process of being cheated and the amount of money they had been cheated. They found that Yang Mou almost immediately devoted himself to the next love affair after the end of each love affair.

After the accident, some deceived women went to Yang Mous house, and found that Yang Mous house was very shabby. There was an uncle in his home, but Yang Mou was not found.

Among the other womens complaints, Chinese Business Journal reporters saw that Yangs deception was basically the same, almost all of them were first in love, and then let women cheat money by borrowing from various App platforms. As far as I know, the amount of money cheated has reached more than one million yuan. Ms. Wang said.

At the end of July 2018, lawyers advised these women to go through criminal proceedings. Subsequently, they filed a joint complaint with Yanta District Court. On December 17 of the same year, the Yanta District Court held a court hearing and made a civil ruling. Since Ms. Wang does not belong to Yanta District, Yanta District only decided that several cases within the jurisdiction were transferred to criminal law.

Ms. Li is one of them. From March to May, 2018, she was cheated over 60,000 yuan. Ms. Lis civil ruling shows that after examination, the plaintiff claims that the defendant cheated several women in the same way as the case, and now eight people have reported the case to the public security organs. The plaintiff submitted a number of womens Criminal Complaints. The plaintiff believed that the defendant Yang Mou was suspected of committing a crime. The Court holds that Yangs suspected crime should be handled by the public security organs, and it does not fall within the scope of the peoples courts acceptance of civil proceedings.

In June 2019, the case was transferred to the High-tech Branch of Public Security. On July 15, the case was sent from the High-tech Branch to the High-tech Road Police Station for acceptance. Ms. Wang hopes that while handling Ms. Lis case, the police will be able to handle their own cases together, because they are deceived by the same person.

On August 9, a reporter from China Business Daily learned from the High-tech Branch of Public Security that the police have accepted the matter. The specific situation needs further investigation.

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