Gangs blackmailed 15 people for engineering, four of them were village cadres.

 Gangs blackmailed 15 people for engineering, four of them were village cadres.

Xianyang Xin, a Chinese business newspaper, takes clan relations as a link, and rectifies gangs for a long time to force projects around Liquan County Town and extort money. Recently, Liquan County police uncovered a vicious gang, 15 suspects were arrested, including 4 local village cadres.

In April 2018, the professional team of eliminating gangsters and evils of Liquan County Public Security Bureau received a public alarm. Zhang Mouke, a villager in Beiguan Village, Chengguan Town, led by many people, ran across the village for a long time, gathering others to beat villagers and occupy village collective land. Liquan police combed the information according to the clues of mass reports and found that there were many members of the gang, and also involved in cases of disruption of electoral order, extortion and so on, so they carried out in-depth investigation. Through a long-term investigation, the police found that this was a vicious group that used family and clan forces to dominate the village. After having obtained sufficient evidence, the gang members were arrested in May this year. Fifteen suspects, such as Zhang Mouge and Zhang Moujun, were arrested and brought to justice.

After investigation, Zhang Mouge was 53 years old. When he was young, he was dealt with many times by the police for provoking trouble and fighting. Since 2000, Zhang Mouge has taken the clan relationship as a link, gathered the direct relatives and villagers to participate in many projects in the county and carried out blackmail. At the same time, the group also participated in many illegal and criminal activities, such as forced trading, provoking trouble, intentional injury and so on.

In addition, the group has long held the grassroots political power in the countryside, interfered with the normal electoral order at the grassroots level by threatening and intimidating means, seriously endangered the local normal economic and social development order and the safety of peoples lives and property, and caused extremely bad social impact.

On August 9, under the escort of the police, the suspects of the gang were identified at 11 crime scenes in several districts and factories in Liquan County. According to Wang Dashun, head of the professional team of eliminating gangsters and evil in Liquan County Public Security Bureau, 7 of the 15 suspects are directly related, and most of the others are villagers of the same village. At present, 11 criminal cases and 7 public security cases of the criminal organization have been verified, and the amount involved is still under further verification. It is understood that four members of the evil group are local village cadres, namely Zhang Mojun, village secretary, Xu Mou, director of the Supervisory Committee, and Dou Mou, head of the village team.

At present, 10 of the 15 members of the evil group have been arrested, and the case is under further investigation.

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