One Days Event: The Central Bank Issues the Second Quarter of 2019 Monetary Policy Implementation Report

 One Days Event: The Central Bank Issues the Second Quarter of 2019 Monetary Policy Implementation Report

The intermediate price of RMB against US dollar was 7.0136, down 97 points.

The central bank does not carry out counter-repurchase operations today

The central bank does not carry out reverse repurchase operation today, because no reverse repurchase expires today, realizing zero investment and zero repurchase.

Bureau of Statistics: Pork supply was slightly tight in July. Prices rose by 7.8% annually compared with the previous month.

From the perspective of the ring ratio, pork supply was tighter and the price rose by 7.8%, affected by the African swine plague, which affected CPIs rise of about 0.20 percentage points. When laying hens enter the dormant period, the laying rate decreases, and the price of eggs increases by 5.0%, which affects the CPI increase by about 0.03 percentage points. The price of fresh fruits dropped by 6.2%, affecting CPI by about 0.14 percentage points. From a year-on-year perspective, fresh fruit prices rose by 39.1%, a decline of 3.6 percentage points over the previous month; pork prices rose by 27.0%, an increase of 5.9 percentage points.

Haikang Videos exclusive response: the US temporary ban has no additional impact on Haikangs business

Reporters learned from Haikangwei that the media reported that the United States government issued a temporary ban on five Chinese enterprises such as Haikangwei. Huang Fanghong, senior vice president of Haikangwei and Dong Mie, responded exclusively to the Financial Associated Press that in the United States market, the company has never been directly with the federal government agencies described in the bill. Receiving business transactions, the relevant content of the Act, will not have a substantial impact on the business of the company.

The average price of second-hand houses in Nanjing reached a new high in July

Reporters learned that in July this year, the volume of new housing transactions in Nanjing hit a three-year high, mainly related to the abnormal phenomenon of off-season is not weak. According to online real estate in Nanjing, in July, a total of 8082 second-hand houses were sold in Nanjing, up 22.5% annually and 12.8% year-on-year. Experts believe that the second-hand housing market in Nanjing still maintains a good momentum, maintaining the level of the first half of the annual sales peak season.

The probability that the chairman of Pingyin Finance Management Board is not Zhang Dong, vice president of Ping An Securities of Xie Yonglin, or will be general manager

As for the news that the chairman of Ping An Bank, Xie Yonglin, may be the chairman of Ping An Bank, some insiders told Interface Finance Associated Press that the selection of chairman of Ping An Bank has not yet been determined. Probably the rate will not be assumed by Xie Yonglin, and it is possible to dig people from outside Ping An Group. In addition, the reporter was exclusively informed that Zhang Dong, deputy general manager of Ping An Securities, would go to Ping An Bank as general manager, and Fu Qiang, deputy general manager of Ping An Fund, would be transferred to Ping An Bank as deputy general manager.

Xiongan Finance Lease Realizes Paperless Loan in Chain

Chain full process paperless lending, Xiongan Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. first single Finance Leasing + Xiongan Block Chain + Supply Chain business recently successfully landed in Xiongan New Area. This is also the first financial leasing business of Inclusive Finance for small and medium-sized enterprises supported by block chain technology in Xiongan New Area. Its successful lending is a major breakthrough in the financial innovation business of supply chain in the new area. It has explored a new way to help the new area build a smart city and build a digital Xiongan in the financial field.

Economistsexpectations of the Feds interest rate cut in September are warming up

According to a survey published by the Wall Street Journal on the 8th, economistsexpectations of the Federal Reserves interest rate cut in September rose sharply, while expectations of the U.S. recession also rose. According to the survey, economists expect the Fed to cut interest rates at its monetary policy meeting from September 17 to 18 by 63.9%, significantly higher than 49.8% in the July survey. According to economistsexpectations, the federal funds rate will fall to 1.84% by the end of this year, which means that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates again this year.

Recently, there are rumors on the Internet that Guo Taimings 10.5 generation display panel production project will be sold. In response, the Propaganda Department of the Zengcheng District Committee of Guangzhou said, We attach great importance to the online rumors about the 10.5 generation ecological industrial park beyond sight. At present, we have not received any relevant information about the intentions of investors to sell the project, nor have investors released similar information. According to the information we have at present, the construction of this project has been propelled normally, and we are striving to put it into operation in the near future. The project operator Chaoshi Technologies said that the company has prepared an official statement on market rumors, which will be issued in the near future, and the production line is now in normal operation.

The Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will examine the management of real estate development loans and land reserve loans.

The Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has decided to carry out special inspection of bank real estate business in 32 cities.

Recently, the General Office of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the Notice of the Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on the Special Inspection of the Real Estate Business of Banking Institutions in 2019, and decided to carry out the special inspection of the real estate business of banks in 32 cities. According to the national sales price index of commodity housing in 70 cities issued by the National Bureau of Statistics in June 2019 and the list of key cities participating in the real estate one city, one policy pilot project, the special inspection of real estate business includes Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Hohhot, Shenyang, Changchun, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Wu. Xixi, Xuzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, Fuzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Wuhan and other 32 cities.

Members of more than 80 million Mutual Treasure next step will be to fully open cooperation with insurance companies.

On the 9 day, Alipays mutual aid scheme for serious illness announced that mutual treasure announced that the number of stock members exceeded 80 million. It has become the largest mutual guarantee platform in the world. Yin Ming, Vice President of Ant Golden Wear, said that in the next step, Mutual treasure will fully open cooperation with insurance companies to jointly provide users with more customized upgrade protection products.

Supervisory department will carry out special rectification action of 4S shop bundling insurance

Recently, the compulsory sale of insurance in 4S automobile stores has aroused widespread concern in the society. Such actions not only infringe consumersfree choice, but also cause a series of chaos in the automobile insurance market. Reporters learned that in order to effectively safeguard consumer rights and interests, and effectively control the market chaos such as bundling and selling automobile insurance, the regulatory authorities decided to carry out special rectification work of bundling insurance for 4S stores and part-time agencies. The target of this rectification is 4S stores with Insurance Part-time Agent Business License under the jurisdiction of all localities. With the goal of safeguarding consumersrights and interests, standardizing market order, and taking laws and regulations as the criterion, the prominent problems that damage consumers rights and interests such as bundling and selling automobile insurance existing in 4S stores with licenses under the jurisdiction are comprehensively rectified.

Jingchen Stock and Baichu Electronic Warfare Investment and Distribution Stock are almost all lent and refinanced.

Data from the Shanghai Stock Exchange show that on the first day of listing, the total turnover of Jingchen shares was 1.533 million shares and that of Baichu electronic shares was 869.8 million shares. The number of shares allocated by the two companies in the war was 1558.84 million shares and 879.4 million shares respectively. This means that 98.37% and 98.91% of the wartime equity allocations of the two companies have been lent through refinancing.

Regulatory policies explicitly encourage securities firms to implement equity incentives or employee stock ownership plans

Reporters have learned that a securities regulatory bureau in East China recently issued a Notice on Supporting Securities Companies to Implement Employee Stock Ownership and Equity Incentive Plan in accordance with the law to encourage securities companies to implement Equity Incentive or Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Central Bank Issues Monetary Policy Implementation Report for the Second Quarter of 2019

The Peoples Bank of China issued the second quarter of 2019 Chinas monetary policy implementation report. Firstly, we should maintain our strength and effectively deal with the impact of uncertainties at home and abroad. Second, we should work hard to increase support for the real economy. Third, we should continue to deepen the reform of interest rate marketization and improve the formation mechanism of RMB exchange rate marketization. Fourth, we should stick to the bottom line and guard against and resolve major financial risks.

Cathay Pacific Airlines responded to the Civil Aviation Administrations warning of major security risks to Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airlines said it had received instructions and was studying them carefully and would take them seriously and follow up. Cathay Pacific always considers the safety of passengers as its primary consideration. We maintain zero tolerance for any improper and unprofessional behavior that may threaten aviation safety. Once found, we should take it seriously.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Expanding the Stock Range of Margin Trading Subjects and Increasing 375 Subject Stocks

Shenzhen Stock Exchange announces to expand the scope of margin trading target stocks. The basic principle of expanding the scope of the underlying stocks is to retain the existing ones first. According to the weighted evaluation index, 375 stocks are selected as the newly added ones for the A-share stocks listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Shanghai Stock Exchange: Expanding Margin Markets to 800 Stocks

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