The resignation of No. 2 in the US Intelligence Circle: Trump is always in a bad mood

 The resignation of No. 2 in the US Intelligence Circle: Trump is always in a bad mood

Global Times: No. 2 in the U.S. intelligence community was kicked out because of a disagreement with President Trump. On the evening of the 8th local time, Trump fired Sue Gordon, the current deputy director of national intelligence. He said, Sue Gordon is a great expert with a long and outstanding career. Career. In the past two years, I have met Sue and have shown her great respect. Sue has announced that she will leave on August 15, the day Dan Cotts retires. Soon I will appoint a new Acting Director of National Intelligence. Then Trump threw out a more powerful tweet: Its a pleasure to announce to you that Joseph Maguire, now director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, will be acting director of national intelligence from August 15.

Trumps appointment of the head of government as president is supposed to be a matter of business. Moreover, Trump Twitter has not changed its department head twice, but to the surprise of American politicians and public opinion, there is a lot behind the appointment. Trumps long-standing grievance with the US intelligence community, announced Gordons resignation just one week ahead of schedule, may well mean that he wants to pull the intelligence community away from politics into the quagmire of partisan struggle, CNN said Sunday.

In his resignation letter to Trump, U.S. Deputy Director of National Intelligence Gordon wrote: I am willing to resign on August 15, 2019, because you asked a new leadership to take the helm. I believe our team has strength and they will not disappoint you and our country. Although the lines in Gordons writing seem to be genuine, it is clear to the eye that Gordon is implying that she was forced away. According to U.S. media reports, Gordon is a senior figure in the U.S. intelligence community. He has served in the industry for more than 30 years and is the second-in-command of the U.S. National Intelligence Agency. He was resigned just because he was not in Trumps heart.

According to the US Politics website, Gordon once commented on the relationship between intelligence agencies and Trump: We tried to satisfy him, just like every president in the past, but in fact, our group of people who reported to him on how the world has changed are the reasons for his bad mood, and whether he agrees with our work or not. It doesnt matter at all. At the same time, Gordon is well-known in the intelligence community as a non-partisan old scalper. He works hard and is popular with both parties. This has to be worrying. In case of any mistake, the blame may be directed at her boss.

Last month, Dan Cotts, the director of national intelligence, announced that he was retiring. According to the regulations, Gordon should act as acting director, but the White House refused to allow it. Finally, Marquis, director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, was selected as the post. The U.S. Congress did not buy Trumps move. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made it clear that the departure of these excellent leaders and the Presidents determination to clean up anyone who dares to disagree are clearly the most challenging moments facing the intelligence community.

Coincidentally, Andrew McCable, a former deputy director of the FBI, was sacked by the Justice Department in January 2018, looking to retire. McCable filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and the FBI on August 8, alleging that Trump had been forced to dismiss him for political motives which he considered to be unconstitutional because of partisan bias. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, Trump will undoubtedly be exposed to the public again.

Since Trump came to the White House in January 2017, the change in government personnel has been like a walking light. From the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Minister of Justice, the Director of the White House Office, the Ambassador to the United Nations and so on, one after another, most of them are tuned because they are different from Trump. At a gathering, the current Secretary of State, Pompeo, said reluctantly that he might be fired on the Presidents Twitter someday. Some analysts believe that Trump is a muscle and cant tolerate a grain of sand in his eyes. Since he took office, he has abused the media for making false news, and only his Twitter is the real news. Trump disdained the pertinent opinions of intelligence officials on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the threat of the Islamic State, the situation in Afghanistan and the Iranian nuclear issue. Today, he will be the Presidents one and only law when he knows how to operate on the intelligence community.

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