The pilots of Russian airliners took off after they rushed out of the runway

 The pilots of Russian airliners took off after they rushed out of the runway

There are a lot of online stories about Russian pilots, some of them praise the courage of artists, and some of them satirize the irony that flights are not in accordance with the rules. This time, Russian pilots will add a new paragraph.

Is this to boast of the pilots?

No, I can only say that luck cared for the people on this plane. Otherwise, it would be a complete tragedy.

[Video: Russian airliners rush out of the runway on takeoff

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A Russian S7 airliner rushed out of the runway on takeoff and still took off successfully (Source:)

On the same day, the 737 aircraft registered as VQ-BKV carried out flight S7-263 from Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Simferopol, Crimea.

As can be seen from the above video, the aircraft has exhausted the length of the runway but has not been pulled up successfully. It rushes directly out of the runway and raises a lot of soil before flying to the sky.

During subsequent inspection, five runway lights at the end of the runway were damaged and glass debris was scattered on the runway. Three tires were damaged and debris was embedded in the landing gear.

Flight Path on FR24

Why didnt the plane pull up?

According to some information from foreign media, the crew used a takeoff weight 15 tons lower than the actual weight to calculate the takeoff performance.

Russian aviation sources said that the crew either unintentionally imported zero fuel weight (which can be simply understood as the weight of the aircraft when it was not loaded with fuel), rather than the required take-off weight.

Many people may not understand what 15 tons is for an airplane.

The aircraft involved is Boeing 737-800, with an air weight of 41.4 tons and a maximum take-off weight of 79.0 tons. Fifteen tons can occupy a large part of the weight of the aircraft.

In fact, the normal take-off distance of 737-800 does not exceed 2450 meters. This Russian S7 airline uses the 32L runway of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, the length of which is 3200 meters. That is to say, the plane did not pull up successfully after nearly 800 meters beyond the normal take-off distance.

However, the above reasons are not necessarily the ultimate cause. The accident still needs to be investigated by the Russian civil aviation security department.

S7 Airliner

Why are the people on this flight lucky?

From this incident, we can intuitively feel the decline of the aircrafts takeoff, landing and climbing ability. Thats why many people comment that it almost turned into an aviation tragedy.

Even if the aircraft is pulled up successfully, if the landing gear is severely damaged due to the final flight out of the runway, the aircraft may also suffer landing gear breakage and other accidents.

Moreover, debris from runway lights and landing gear may damage other equipment on board and affect flight safety in other ways.

Therefore, it is also a miracle that the plane can safely fly to its destination after the accident.

S7 Airlines is a member of the Universe

S7 is not really a small airline. As one of the main domestic airline operators in Russia, it is also a member of the Uygur family in Russia.

The S7 fleet is more than 100, of which the number of 737-800 fleets is 21.

In the past 20 years, there have been three major safety incidents in S7 aviation, but two of them were shot down by Ukrainian surface-to-air missiles and destroyed by terrorists in the air, only one of which was caused by pilotsmisoperation.

Therefore, S7 Airlines is also considered one of the airlines with acceptable safety in Russia.

This kind of accident, together with several other air crashes in Russia this year, really raises doubts about the situation of Russian flight safety.

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