Upgrade again! Shanghai issued its first typhoon orange warning this year

 Upgrade again! Shanghai issued its first typhoon orange warning this year

Lichma is coming fiercely! Nine hours later, the warning signal of typhoon in Shanghai was upgraded from yellow to orange at 22:10 today, and the emergency response of flood control and prevention typhoon was upgraded to level 2 at 18:00 today.

Cartography: Chen Xizhan

Over the past five years, there have been few typhoon orange warnings issued in Shanghai, plus only three such warnings. Shangguan Journalist of Jiefang Daily found that in July 2018, influenced by typhoon Abe, Shanghai issued an orange warning of typhoon. In 2015, Shanghai also issued an orange typhoon warning. The super typhoon Canhong brought heavy rain to Shanghai.

According to the news released by China Meteorological Administration, Lichma and Canhong have some similarities. For example, the intensity is similar, currently are super typhoons; on the path, are turning northward typhoons; later combined with cold air, which means that there will be heavy rainfall. In addition, two typhoons are also followed by another typhoon, Canhong followed by Langka, this years Lichma is now followed by Rosa.

But the impact of Lichma will be greater. Because it was born in August, the sea temperature is higher and the energy gathered is greater.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory at 15:00 a.m., the center of typhoon No. 9 of this year, Lichma (super typhoon level), is located in the south of the East China Sea, about 180 kilometers southeast of Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. It has 27.1 degrees north latitude, 122.5 degrees east longitude, 17 degrees (58 meters/second), 920 hundred pa, 300 kilometers to 380 kilometers radius of the seven wind circles, and 10 degrees east latitude. The radius of Class I wind circle is 100 kilometers and that of Class 12 wind circle is 40 kilometers.

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