Intelligent to Melbourne 9500M multi-mode wireless knife-edge key mouse kit on the market

 Intelligent to Melbourne 9500M multi-mode wireless knife-edge key mouse kit on the market

Observation in darkness, thin profile, accurate and reliable

Keyboard keywords: wood grain, metal, 4.5mm fuselage

With striking impact and symbolic slim, 9500M keyboard combines different techniques to show harmonious aesthetic feeling in every detail in order to interpret the blade familys delicate interpretation of thin. With a strong and delicate design tone, the use of metal and wood-like texture carving, the thinnest 4.5mm fuselage into the fashion field, full-size keyboard layout is hard and graceful, aluminum alloy panel and stainless steel wire drawing bottom cover echo, for the machinery to give smart, sharp and novel highlight, the attitude of employees and fashionable spirit coexist side by side. u201d Fall in love.

Above the mouse, grinding undercurrent surges, square/flat/sharp/small and light, symmetrical design of left and right hands, focusing on fine grinding skills between cubic inches, the upper cover adheres to refinement, outlines rounded corners and radians to ensure cubic inches, but also has a comfortable grip. Aluminum alloy roller engraving CNC batch process, with a strong gas field, adsorptive bottom cover with a new sharp perspective interpretation to thin control, lightweight and firm, remodeling portable charm.

Type outside, also show inside

Key words: multi-device connection, easy switching

Whether collaborative or independent. Known or unknown, 9500M continues Reebers multimode performance, with Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless 2.4 GHz three wireless connection channels, stable and reliable transmission. Keyboard supports 4 terminal devices connection, mouse supports 3 terminal devices connection, compatible with computer, notebook, mobile phone, tablet and other systems, and achieves one-button switching operation.

Energetic and energetic. With the help of low power processing chip, two AAA batteries for keyboard can last 12 months, and two AAA batteries for mouse can last 9 months, and can automatically enter the dormant state according to the usage. Continuous calls for life and work.

Take it lighter and discover more subtle details

Keyboard keywords: scissors mechanical structure, multimedia keys

Mouse keywords: silent micro-motion, multi-material surface use

While displaying design aesthetics, it contains ingenuity. Keyboard suspension keys adopt scissors-type mechanical structure. The force is evenly distributed on the surface, which has both functional and aesthetic characteristics, and light touch control. Seven independent win system multimedia keys can operate music playback, volume adjustment, Internet browsing and so on quickly. The high-efficiency performance and convenient operation are deeply integrated. The polished keys are delicate in texture and personality, and can be triggered instantly.

There is no murmur at all, and treat each other quietly. The mouse uses a high-precision invisible light tracing engine, 1300DPI, accurate positioning, fast operation is not easy to lose frames, after a number of professional rigorous tests, can gallop on the resin, paper, leather, wood, cloth and other media surfaces. The silent micro-motion can effectively reduce the mouse click noise, to static braking, clean and neat.

Whats the origin of this? Wood-like decoration, sharp contours, multi-device switching of wireless genes... Music and straightness, gold and wood, elegant in style, free in mind, in the simple design and sharp lines reveal the indifferent style, awakening the harmony between man and nature.

Slim blade, Reeber 9500M multi-mode wireless blade key mouse suit is now available.

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Reeber continues to upgrade its wireless efficiency, colliding wireless concepts with future life needs, mining technological innovation + detail winning peripheral style of Reeber Robot Automation Production System, covering mouse, keyboard, speaker, earphone, handle and various peripheral areas around mobile, and striving to understand, continue to develop, abandon, innovate and evolve. Create an interesting and friendly user experience.

Supported by rigorous technology and rigorous testing, exquisite design to create products. Leeber products are distributed in 51 countries around the world, providing intelligent, professional and comprehensive services to more than 60 million consumers. It has been invited to participate in global consumer exhibitions such as CES in the United States and IFA in Germany for many years, and has blossomed Chinas intellectual power.

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