Little Joy explodes educational topics and reflects Chinese-style parental control desire

 Little Joy explodes educational topics and reflects Chinese-style parental control desire

The Lego Incident Overthrows the Lover-like Parent-Child Relations Three Families with Different Educational Modes

In the plot broadcast yesterday, Qiao Weidong (Sha Ying Decoration) shielded Qiao Yingzi (Li Geng-xi Decoration) from truancy. Song Qian (Tao Hong Decoration) found her daughters secret base and ran into pictures of Yingzi, her ex-husband and her ex-husbands girlfriend. Song Qian demolished the Lego model that Yingzi had already put together, and cried out to ask her daughter what was wrong with her. Yingzi apologized, but eventually collapsed and cried, At least she wont force me to do what I dont like to do myself. Qiao Weidong found Fangyuan (Huang Lei decoration) to talk about his dissatisfaction with the mental pressure on his daughter caused by his ex-wifes straightforward education. On the other hand, Yingzi came to Fang Yifan (Zhou Qi) and Lin Leier (Liu Jiazhen), who talked to their mothers and tried to fight for Lego again. Ji Yang Yang (Guo Zifan decoration) actively sought the help of Ji Sheng (Wang Yanhui decoration) and Liu Jing (Yongmei decoration) to repair mobile phones, so that Jis airborne parents were overjoyed. Three fathers gathered for hot pot to reach the identity consensus of father and mother. Meanwhile, Tong Wenjie (Haiqing Decoration) soothes Song Qian and tells her that no one can replace her childs life. There are innumerable connections among the three families. Each family has a different way of education, which makes the audience full of curiosity about the next plot.

Focus on Chinese-style controlling parents confronting educational topics such as who decides the life of their children

Little Joy revolves around three Chinese-style families with totally different backgrounds, showing the real life state of tens of millions of senior three families. In the play, Qiaos Lego Incident happened in the East window. In the face of the cries of British students who were unable to prepare for the exam, Song Qian said, You are under great pressure, but mom is under little pressure. From childhood to childhood, the refutation that your mother brought you up alone shows the strong control of single mothers over their daughters. However, the educational concept of Fang family of modern family makes many Chinese-style parents like to pour into the roof: The childrens life is their own, the detours they take are indispensable, the southern walls they hit have to be hit one by one, and we also stumble along the way like this, no one can replace them. Should children be allowed to decide their own lives when they kidnap their children in the name of love and do not understand their spiritual stress? Many close to the truth of the plot, triggering peoples enthusiastic discussion of topics. With the broadcasting of the new plot, Tao Hong Li Gengxis acting skills ranked fourth in the microblog hot search list, and Qiao Yingzi and his mother quarreled ranked ninth in the microblog hot search list. Tong Wenjies clothes and outfits and Xiao Happy Announcement have also been at the top of the hot search list. At the same time, the netizens said, The depth of love, the responsibility of all. Family education should be taught in accordance with ones aptitude. Parents and children need to understand each other.

How will the parent-child education story of three families develop? Please continue to pay attention to the TV series Xiao Happy, which will be broadcasted synchronously at 19:30 a.m. on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Oriental Satellite TV.

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