2800 black motorcycles were cut and rolled by welding guns and excavators

 2800 black motorcycles were cut and rolled by welding guns and excavators

Watch the video first_It turns out that more than 2800 illegal traffic vehicles are being centrally destroyed.

Xiaobian arrived at the scene in time to see the staff busy.

They first cut the beams and license plates of Mars vehicles with welding torches one by one. The excavators were moving slowly in the field.

To crush each car... Traffic police conduct command and supervision on one side.

Make sure no fish leaks out of the net. You probably dont know about this parking lot.

Nearly 3,000 seized illegal motorcycles and some seized fake suits are parked here.

And its the first time that hundreds of illegal electric bicycles have ever seen such a scene.

Many netizens may have questions

What on earth did these cars do?

Why didnt the owner take the car back?

Wasnt it a pity that it was destroyed?

First look at a set of data_

In 2018, 48 people died in motorcycle accidents in Zhuhai, accounting for 44.44% of the total number of traffic accidents in the city, with a very high proportion. Motorcycles have always been the major traffic fatalities in our city. The main causes of motorcycle traffic accidents are unlicensed, overloaded, speeding, retrograde, no safety helmet and so on. In order to curb motorcycle traffic fatalities, in recent years, the public security traffic police departments continue to carry out special motorcycle renovation actions. Especially since 2019, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has organized many departments, such as traffic police, patrol police and police stations, to carry out joint renovation. A total of 23,000 illegal motorcycles have been seized. In April this year, more than 7,000 illegal motorcycles were seized by public security traffic police, of which more than 2,800 motorcycles were centrally destroyed according to law because no one came to deal with them three months after the expiration of the announcement period. Article 112 of the Road Traffic Safety Law stipulates that the traffic administration departments of public security organs who detain motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles shall issue vouchers on the spot and inform the parties concerned to go to the traffic administration departments of public security organs for processing within the prescribed time limit. Traffic administration departments of public security organs shall take good care of the detained vehicles and shall not use them. If it fails to accept treatment within the time limit and still fails to accept treatment after three monthsnotice, the detained vehicles shall be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Since this year, the citys traffic police brigades have organized police forces to carry out daily renovation operations, to carry out centralized renovation of the city from time to time, and to strictly investigate serious traffic violations such as motorcycle overloading, speeding, driving without license, driving without license plate, wearing no safety helmet, etc.

At 8:15 a.m. on August 7, Jinwan Traffic Police carried out renovations on Hexing Road and Youth Road. It was found that motorcycles such as Guangdong C5*05 and Guangdong C9*73 had large sunshade umbrellas installed, which was very dangerous. Traffic police stop and inspect the vehicle, educate the driver that the umbrella is easy to roll over when it encounters strong wind and heavy rain; if the motorcycle falls down, the umbrella is easy to insert into human body and threaten life. Traffic police punish drivers according to law and dismantle umbrellas at the scene. _At 8:25 p.m. on August 7, Zhang Mou drove a Guangdong C3 * 51 motorcycle along the X582 Xiacun section south to north. Officer Hu of Doumen Traffic Police Brigade stopped and checked the car. It was found that Zhang Mou had a ruddy complexion and a slight alcoholic smell on his body. Tested by an alcohol tester, the result was 35mg/100ml, belonging to alcoholic driving. _Because Zhang was drunk driving without driving license, he was fined 2100 yuan and temporarily withheld his driving license for 6 months, with 13 points.

On the morning of August 5, the traffic police mobile brigade launched a renovation operation in Mongkok Department Store section of Jingye Road. At 11:29 a.m., Qiu Mou drove an unlabeled motorcycle south to north along Jingye Road. Qiu Mou saw a traffic policeman in front, turned right with his motorcycle, and wanted to hide in a roadside shop. Traffic police immediately stopped the car for inspection. _Police officer Zeng asked Qiu to show his credentials for inspection, but he has been sitting in the car, refused to cooperate with law enforcement, but also provoked traffic police, bad attitude. Police officer Zeng warned Qiu Mou on the spot, separating him from illegal motorcycles, but Qiu Mou was reluctant and kicked the traffic police again. Several traffic policemen took his control back to the brigade for further investigation. _According to the survey, Qiu Mou is 30 years old and only has a C1 drivers license. Qiu Mou refused to accept traffic police inspection because he was driving an unlicensed motorcycle with inconsistent quasi-driving type. He was fined 4800 yuan and sentenced to 15 daysadministrative detention.

At 6:30 p.m. on August 6, Gongbei Traffic Police Brigade carried out a renovation at the foot of Qianshan Bridge on Gangchang Road. A man in yellow clothes was found driving an unlicensed motorcycle on the first floor of Qianshan overpass. Passengers were also on board. Shen police officer saw that the driver and passengers were not wearing safety helmet and were very dangerous, so he stopped the motorcycle. _The driver was fined 3000 yuan and detained for 15 days for driving an unlicensed motorcycle on the road without a license.

On the morning of August 8, the Xiangzhou Traffic Police Brigade patrolled and renovated the section of Meiwan Road on Shenqian Road. A dark-skinned middle-aged man was riding an electric tricycle on the road. Officer Liao was preparing to stop the car for inspection. _The man ran away in a hurry, but as soon as the car started, he tripped over a stone on the edge of the green. The man had to stop obediently. Finally, officer Liao detained the electric tricycle according to law and imposed a fine of 2,000 yuan on the driver.

The law provides that:

Article 9 of the Regulations on Road Traffic Safety Management of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone stipulates that motorcycles without registration and with special economic zone name plates are prohibited from driving on roads. Motorcycles registered within the administrative areas of Jinwan District and Doumen District are prohibited from entering Xiangzhou District.

Fans often ask questions behind the scenes. Traffic police have seized so many illegal vehicles. Where have they gone? Xiaobian told you today that these illegal vehicles will be destroyed centrally after the announcement has been completed for three months and no one will come to deal with them. Moreover, illegal drivers will also be blacklisted and unable to handle driving management business. _Traffic police department reminds the general public:

For your safety