Yu Chengdong Talking about Hongmeng: 5,000 people invested in R&D can fill all the loopholes in Huaweis mobile phone

 Yu Chengdong Talking about Hongmeng: 5,000 people invested in R&D can fill all the loopholes in Huaweis mobile phone

In subsequent media group visits, Yu Chengdong emphasized once again that Hongmeng OS is open source, and the goal is to become the OS of the world. Moreover, regarding this years Huawei consumer business performance, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei had a very high probability of achieving the worlds first, achieving global sales of 300 million units. Huaweis mobile phone shipments should be 240 million this year.

The following is the content of Netease Technologys interview with Yu Chengdong Group:

1. What do you think of the first half performance, satisfaction and dissatisfaction?

Yu Chengdong: Its very difficult to achieve this achievement now. Domestic growth is still on the rise, and overall growth has been maintained. Overseas growth was originally high and then declined, but now it has basically recovered 80%, and some businesses have returned to the level before the decline.

We could have been the first in the world with 300 million units. But Huaweis mobile phone shipments should be 240 million this year.

2. Why is the Hongmeng system released?

Yu Chengdong: From PC to mobile Internet era, the next generation operating system is needed. Hongmeng OS is a next generation operating system, but it can be compatible with the current operating system.

Hongmeng OS Open Source aims to be the OS of the world. Although open source, it has the ability to solve security problems. In the next generation of operating systems, we are at the forefront.

We are system-wide open source, probably at first rhythmic open source, and in the future all open source. Moreover, Hongmeng OS is very suitable for the industrial field, which can realize the millisecond and microsecond delay of automatic driving.

Android is very easy to transfer to Hongmeng OS, with minimal workload and rapid ecological development. I hope Chinese Internet companies will go to sea.

3. Talk about the change of Huaweis consumer business structure? How do you think that the purchase of Huawei mobile phone is mostly due to national sentiment?

Yu Chengdong: Huaweis consumer business has been adjusted. After relatively independent operation, it is more efficient and twice as high as the operators business.

4. Hongmeng started exploring 10 years ago. What are the human and financial resources invested so far? What are the incentives for Hongmeng OS developers?

Yu Chengdong: Our team invested about 4000 people, nearly 5000 people. The investment is very large.

In terms of motivating developers, we give developers more divisions, such as the Yao Star Project.

5. You just mentioned encouraging Chinese enterprises to go to sea. Can you talk about Huaweis experience in going to sea?

China has great advantages and a global perspective. Chinese enterprises also have great advantages in hard work, education and family culture.

6. Hongmeng OS can be used on mobile phones at any time, adapting to work?

In the best interest of American companies, we should use our operating system.

7. Both Microsoft and Ali have promised to do multi-terminal operating system before. The development concept is the same, but ultimately they failed to do so. What do you think is the reason for the failure?

Yu Chengdong: Hongmeng OS has designed the capability of multi-terminal deployment from the beginning, facing different terminals, different devices and different scenarios.

Yu Chengdong: There are no loopholes in the chip. At the same time, we are willing to use American chips. The main loophole is the ecosystem, whether its our ecosystem or Android ecosystem.

In fact, our CBG does not have too many loopholes. If the U.S. ban continues, consumer business will not be affected. Short-term benefits may be impaired, but long-term benefits have little impact.

9. Does the fluctuation of material supply in Japan and Korea affect Huaweis mobile phones?

10. As you mentioned earlier, the Hongmeng system is not simple. Its done by the team overtime. Can you tell us the story behind it?

Yu Chengdong: After the American incident, the staffs work motivation has been improved. Under external pressures, the interior has become more united, and there has been no such thing as nagging.

11. Does Flextronics have an impact on Huaweis consumer business?

Yu Chengdong: Yes, but the impact is limited. We dont think suppliers should do such things, and its not good for them. Huaweis production capacity is recovering rapidly and its impact is controllable.

12. Have Internet giants dealt with each other since Hong Meng appeared?

Yu Chengdong: Why cant Microsoft and Ali build an operating system because they dont have terminals? We do, so its relatively easy. Huawei can upgrade all mobile phones to Hongmeng operating system overnight.

13. What is Huaweis expectation of 5G mobile phone sales? Everyone is expecting to use the 5G mobile phone for 2000 yuan in the second half of next year. What do you think?

Yu Chengdong: Huawei Mate30 will support all 5G after that. This year Huawei, including Glory, will achieve 5G for all high-end and mid-end mobile phones. 5G will be faster than in the past (3G, 4G).

13. Does any terminal manufacturer express interest in Hongmeng OS?

Yu Chengdong: We had exchanges and they expressed their interest. This year, all mobile phone manufacturers in China attended Hongmeng Open Source Conference.