Crayfish will end: Prices of origin have recovered less than half of last years

 Crayfish will end: Prices of origin have recovered less than half of last years

Since this year, the price of crayfish has been depressed. Compared with the peak price of 780 yuan per kilogram last year, the overall price of crayfish this year is less than half that of last year.

Hu Shifu, a farmer in Qianjiang, Hubei Province, told reporters that he has raised crayfish for many years. He produces and sells them himself. Most of them are sold online. They are delivered directly to users through logistics. If the sales are good, he will buy crayfish from other farmers nearby for sale. But this years overall price is not good, less than half of last years. The two highest-priced shrimps reached 780 yuan last year. At the lowest this year, the two shrimps were only 22 yuan, he said.

However, since July, the price of crayfish has warmed up. The sales season of crayfish is very long, from March to April to November and February, but the peak period is mainly in July and August. In a year, May and June are the lowest, and prices will rise somewhat in July. When prices begin to rise this year, they will probably be around mid-July. So far, they have risen by two or three percent. They may rise later, but they are unlikely to be as high as last year, Hu said.

Hu Shifu, a crayfish farmer in Hubei Province, offered the price of crayfish on August 9. Respondents Map

In Beijing deep seafood market, compared with July, the number of crayfish has also declined. Luo Shifu, who has been operating crayfish for more than 10 years, told reporters that by September, the sales of crayfish will be over the peak period, slowly less, and prices will rise.

Generally speaking, this years price is less than half of last years, and sales are similar, Locke told reporters. At the peak of last year, he could sell more than 10,000 kilograms of crayfish every day, but this year only a few kilograms, and at the worst, probably only a kilogram. Business is not good this year, much worse than last year, he said.

Why are there fewer sales this year? In a crayfish shop in Beijings Guijie, the shopkeeper told reporters that the consumption of crayfish this year was significantly lower than that of last year. The same table, at the same price, the number of crayfish ordered by customers was almost half that of last year. During the peak season of last year, it was common for guests to order one more serving after eating. This year, there was almost no such thing.

Origin, cold storage is mostly closed

Dinersappetite for food has waned, and merchants enthusiasm for acquisitions has been undermined.

Qianjiang farmer Hu Shifu told the Beijing News that this years acquisition of small lobster businessmen, enthusiasm is not as good as last year. By August, many refrigerators had closed and no longer bought crayfish.

Almost every household here raises crayfish, a few acres less, tens of acres more, hundreds of acres more. There are two main types: paddy shrimp and pond shrimp. The price of paddy shrimp is a little lower, but now it is basically sold out, and pond shrimp will last till winter, said Master Hu.

Hu Shifu produces and sells his own products, but also buys crayfish from other farmers for sale. For example, to send 50 kg of boxes to Beijing, the general logistics cost does not exceed 50 yuan, that is to say, the logistics cost per kg is about 1 yuan, but in the course of transportation, there is a 5% mortality rate, which is a normal loss. If it is a city where logistics cant be directly accessed, it has to bear part of the transit costs, he said.

Master Hus shrimp is mainly sold to wholesalers, restaurants and so on. Over 100 kilograms, we bear the freight, but if we want to transfer, the cost will be borne by customers. Under 100 kilograms, all logistics costs are borne by customers, he said.

Recently, Master Hu also intends to end the sale. Sales are not good, small prices are lower, simply keep in the fish pond, wait for a period of time, grow a little bit later, he said.

Source: Liu Song_NBJ9949, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper