Beijing Miyun Rainfall Police Emergency Disposal Safety Transfer 866 Persons

 Beijing Miyun Rainfall Police Emergency Disposal Safety Transfer 866 Persons

Police moved trapped tourists down the hill at Taoyuan Xiangu scenic spot in Miyun. Police Map

Beijing News, August 9, Miyun District, Beijing, suffered heavy rainfall, Miyun Public Security Bureau launched a flood control and flood relief emergency plan, more than 200 police officers in-depth emergency rescue in key sections of the jurisdiction, Linhe Village and low-lying areas, so far, 866 people have been safely transferred to 42 villages in 4 townships.

According to the person in charge of the scene, roads in the affected areas were damaged and communication was poor. The Miyun Public Security Bureau, in conjunction with the local government, fire control and social relief organizations, carried out rescue work for the trapped people. At about 15 oclock, Shicheng Police Station received an alarm from the staff of Taoyuan Xiangu Scenic Area that 18 employees were trapped in the scenic area and traffic was blocked. At 1550 hours, another 19 tourists were trapped in a resort in the scenic area. As the only bridge entering the scenic area was destroyed by rainwater, the police station and relevant rescue units immediately set up ropes to rescue. As of 20:00, a total of 37 employees and tourists from the resort were safely transferred downhill.

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