Evening News | Huawei announced that Feng Timo of Hongmeng System was awarded compensation for playing other peoples music

 Evening News | Huawei announced that Feng Timo of Hongmeng System was awarded compensation for playing other peoples music

Huawei has officially released its own operating system, Hongmeng: micro-kernel, full-scale scenario

Huawei Consumer Business First Developers Conference is held today. For the first time, Huawei has announced its own operating system, Hongmeng. Yu said that future-oriented multi-device multi-scenarios should be microkernels. Therefore, Huawei has brought a full-scene distributed OS Hongmeng based on micro-kernel. Not only the microkernel, but also the whole scene, distributed. [Link to the original

Huawei Consumer Business First Developers Conference is held today. For the first time, Huawei has announced its own operating system, Hongmeng. Yu Chengdong said that the mobile phone would give priority to Android, but if it is not available, Hongmeng can be activated at any time. It is very convenient to migrate from Android to Hongmeng OS in only 1-2 days. [Link to the original

10.7 billion dollars! Botong Acquisition of Symantec Enterprise Business

According to foreign media reports, Bloom said it agreed to buy Symantecs business for $10.7 billion in cash and introduce its software to prevent hackers from entering corporate systems. The deal is expected to be completed by Bloom in the first quarter of January next year. Less than a month ago, negotiations between the two companies over a full merger broke down because of price differences. The deal announced on Thursday will refocus Symantec on consumer-oriented products such as LifeLocks identity protection brand and Norton Antivirus software. [Link to the original

Mutual treasure contribution increased to 1.48 yuan in Ant Golden Clothes in response to disputes

Mutual treasure has been gradually sought after because it can meet the needs of the wider social groups in health security, but it has also been questioned, such as whether the recent large increase in the number of people helped and the amount of each persons contribution is reasonable, how to shorten the survey cycle of nuclear insurance and ensure the accuracy of the results, and so on. [Link to the original

Software upgrades lead to shorter mileage Tesla suffered a collective lawsuit from owners

According to foreign media reports, Tesla encountered a collective lawsuit against the owner in the Northern California Federal Court. The plaintiff claimed that Teslas software upgrade was said to have limited the battery life of the old car. They also argue that Teslas software upgrades are intended to repair defective batteries in order to avoid recalling them. [Link to the original

Chinas First Use of 5G Live Broadcast of Large-scale Games: Four Perspectives at the same time

At the opening ceremony of the 2nd Youth Games of the Peoples Republic of China held on 8 August, many spectators witnessed the birth of Chinas first 5G Games. Just next to the main stadium, the 5G demonstration park of the first national games, the 5G demonstration park of the Youth Games, is also very lively. The audience gathers around a large TV screen to point out the opening ceremony. There are two main windows and three small windows on it. They can watch the opening ceremony from four perspectives at the same time. [Link to the original

One minute also infringed on the first sister of the fighting fish Feng Timo to play other peoples music and was awarded compensation.

Feng Timo, who was called the first sister of the fighting fish by netizens, played a clip of the song Lovers Heart in a live interactive broadcast. Subsequently, the Chinese Music Copyright Association (hereinafter referred to as the Sound Writing Association) took Wuhan Douyu Network Technology Co., Ltd. for infringement of its right to information network dissemination of lyrics and songs, and sued the Douyu Company to the Beijing Internet Court for compensation of the Copyright Royalties of the songs involved, totalling more than 40,000 yuan. [Link to the original

Ubers revenue growth slowed in the second quarter, with a record net loss of $5.24 billion

Ubers quarterly results today failed to convince investors of its growth potential or ensure that it could make profits quickly. According to the financial report, the taxi service companys adjusted net revenue in the second quarter was $2.87 billion, which was lower than market expectations, compared with $2.574 billion in the same period last year, with a net loss of $5.24 billion, the biggest loss so far. [Link to the original

It took 30 to watch the big ending of Chen Qingling. Tencents video was criticized as ugly.

Release the big ending of the hit show Chen Qingling a week ahead of schedule, but you have to pay 30 yuan to see it, and the face of the Super VIP is not given... On August 7, Tencents video operation caused a large number of fans to shout ugly to eat. Other netizens said that Tencent had taken this form of on-demand, seriously violating the right. According to Tencent Video, VOD is designed to meet the increasing needs of some users. In addition, they have strong legitimate protection technology. [Link to the original

Guidance issued by the State Office: E-commerce two choices one or will end

Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Platform Economy, which clearly pointed out that illegal acts such as abusing market dominance, restricting transactions and unfair competition in the Internet field should be investigated and punished according to law. It is believed that with the publication and implementation of Opinion, monopoly and retrogression of one platform benefits and ten thousand enterprises are damaged such as two choices one will gradually withdraw from the historical stage. [Link to the original