A family without a sense of ritual cannot raise a happy child.

 A family without a sense of ritual cannot raise a happy child.

But when we arrived at the scene, I was surprised to find that only our family was so inspired. The other childrens family either came to an old man, or even the old man just left after the children had been delivered.

I asked the teacher if there were too many people in our family. The teacher took my hand and said, Thank you so much for supporting the children. They need this. In fact, we invited all the parents, but now the parents are too busy to come. To put it bluntly, we just dont pay enough attention to it. You see, how frustrated those children are.

Parents are childrens whole world. They simply want not many things, that is, parentscompanionship, care and love. Many parents think that they are busy with their work and there is no need to ask for leave for such a performance, but I think this is the most wrong idea.

Children grow up only once. The joy of childhood is simple and beautiful. As long as they can be with the people they love, it doesnt matter what they eat and play. The companionship for children is not purchased at the expense of money, but requires time, effort and energy. These real efforts and high quality companionship are the best love for children.

I am a very ceremonial person. When I get married, I do everything by myself. From choosing candy boxes, engagement dresses to preparing every detail of the wedding, my husband and I have been busy for half a year. Although I am tired, I am very happy. In the days to come, whenever there are contradictions, we will think about all the days when we were preparing for the wedding. We will think of those happy and beautiful days. Suddenly, we feel that the person in front of us is not so disgusting.

I think this is the magic of ritual. It will give you a shot of strength when you lose confidence in life and hope in love. It will remind you that there are so many good things in the past and so many hopes in the future.

So, after giving birth to the baby, I extended the sense of ritual to her love. I keep a detailed record of her growth, from when she will laugh, when she learned to call her mother, when she first crawled and when she had her first tooth.. I hope that when she grows up, we can see how we expect her to come and love her with all our strength.

Many people around me feel that I am tired of doing this. Every year I take pictures of my children, and I have to organize them. I have taken her on trips since she was very young. I always take her to participate in many activities. But I firmly believe that this kind of effort is worth it.

I gave birth to a child, not to continue the incense, not to complete the task, but to accompany a life in this world, take her to see the worlds beauty.

And the sense of ritual is that when I bring her into the world, I can give her the best things.

Children who grow up in love have the ability to love and be loved, because they have loved, so they will know what is the best way to love and be loved. This kind of change is imperceptible and needs to be accumulated over time. Dont think that you have made a lot of money. Its enough to give your children good clothes and good food. For children, spiritual enrichment is the wealth of a lifetime.

My sisters boyfriend is a very sunny boy. From the first time he came to my home, he has won the unanimous praise of everyone. Because his eyes have a very pure light, let people see it feel down-to-earth and happy.

He is also very good at life, personality and temper. He will not easily get angry. He will take care of other peoples feelings. He seldom has negative energy and knows how to be grateful.

I kept wondering how such a good character child grew up, until I met his parents later, I understood what it was to nourish a child in love.

The boy told everyone that his parents were absolutely true love, and he was just an accident. From small to large, both of them were very fond of it. They were all holding hands in the streets, and they had to hug them before going home. Moreover, every festival father will buy gifts for his mother, and often bring a bunch of flowers home to give her a small surprise, he really eats a lot of dog food from childhood to adulthood.

Looking at the boy smiling and complaining, I could feel his happiness and sweetness, and understand why he was so kind to his sister. Children who grow up in families where their parents love each other are more sunny, confident, rational and brave than those whose parents dont love each other.

I think that the most precious wealth parents give their children is to let them grow up in a warm family, because they have seen the best love, so they can judge what kind of love is suitable for themselves, feel the best love, and then know how to love others.

Being able to embrace love bravely is actually a very powerful ability. Nowadays, too many people meet the right person but suffer from gains and losses. Believe it easily, they always want to make and make to prove that the other party loves themselves. The final result is that the best love is polished and the most beloved person is angry.

In fact, these people do not want to love, but will not love, dare not love. Most of them live in a loveless family. They grew up in an environment where their parents quarreled. They even witnessed the derailment of one of their parents and the breakdown of their parentsmarriage. In their hearts, they yearn for love but are afraid of it. They cant believe that someone will love themselves all their lives, but they want to catch it. Thats why they have such abnormal feelings.

If you love your children, love yourself and your spouse first, because only parents love each other, children will grow happily, because only your home is warm, children will be really healthy.

There is such a passage in Desperate Housewives that Tom wants to surprise Lynette. Its screwed up, but its warm.

Lynette said: No matter how tired we are physically and mentally, we have to maintain a sense of romance. Formalism, though not very good, is much better than being too lazy to go through it.

Maybe we are not the best, the richest and the most romantic in the world. Maybe we are a little clumsy about the way we treat our loved ones, but you have to believe that as long as we give sincerely, they will feel it.

Parents are the first teachers that children come to this world. The atmosphere of the native family will become the key to their childrens life. So, think about how long you havent held your child well; think about how long you havent turned off your cell phone and put down your work to play with your child for a day; think about how long you havent cared about your childs happiness and unhappiness; think about how long you havent looked at your childs eyes and said a word. I love you very much.

Dont use busyness as an excuse to lose the best time you should spend with your child. Children dont need luxury gifts or rituals. What she needs is companionship. Its your intention to put her in mind. For children, the place where you are is home, and the place where you love is heaven.