Adult social, dont be too cheap

 Adult social, dont be too cheap

Very difficult.

Talk to people around you about this topic and get unexpected answers.

Such people are not uncommon in contemporary society.

Somebody borrowed money? If you dont have any savings, you should say, Okay, how much do you want?

When traveling abroad, others ask to buy things on their behalf, and help others buy things all the way.

I am sorry to let others help me. I dare not turn my face or say No.

Recently, there is a Book New Life of Tan, which talks about the flattering personality.

Somehow, the 28-year-old lady seems to be herself.

As a newcomer in the workplace, she wants to integrate into a small group of colleagues.

One day, she did not intend to hear her colleagues laughing at her.

What is more desperate is the involvement of my boyfriend.

But has she started a new life?

In the new place, she still cant help observing.

Once people are used to flattering others, it is difficult to quit.

Neighbor sisters unfriendly eyes to her, she is also submissive and dare not respond.

Dare not pick up the abandoned fans on the roadside, afraid that they are very sad in the eyes of others.

Her ex-boyfriend Shen Er found her and said to her viciously:

The pine nut in The Life of the Abandoned Pine becomes a person who can be trampled at will because there is no bottom line for compromise.

She tried to please every man, but she was rejected by them.

The girl in Attitude Doll always keeps a smiling face. She hopes her parents like herself.

On one occasion, her brother accidentally broke her favorite aquarium.

She was very sad, but afraid that her parents would not be happy, she forced her tears to say:

Its okay. Its really okay.

When she grows up, no matter what grievances she encounters, she always says its okay.

Step by step, it became a mask that people could not take off.

Compliance becomes a habit, but eventually loses itself.

I dare not express myself, because I live in other peoples evaluation.

In The West Wind Doesnt Know, Sanmao tells a story about himself.

When studying abroad, she took the initiative to help her roommates in order to get along well with them.

Later, what she did was taken for granted.

Once she did not do it, but her roommate roared:

Sanmao, close the window. Are you going to freeze us?

Since then, no one dared to tell her to do anything, and her attitude became respectful.

Many people are like this, seemingly very popular, stable relationship.

But the fatigue behind currying others is only known to oneself.

Fear that they will be hated, fear of embarrassing situations.

But they will not be able to refuse, can only desperately hide their feelings and preferences.

Make every effort to satisfy everyone and make everyone happy, but forget what it is like to be happy.

People are always used to repeating the same mistakes and being defeated by the outside world.

If you want to change, start by learning to refuse.

At the end of the plot, the heroine changed, and finally she dared to express her attitude to others.

Friends come to sell themselves, and she makes up innumerable reasons in her heart.

Many people suffer because they are always doing what others expect of themselves.

If you want me to be sweet, I will keep quiet.

If you want me to do such a job, Ill listen to you.

If you want me to do what you have to do for you, then Ill bite my teeth.

But we forgot to ask ourselves:

For what? Why?

In The Elegance of Hedgehogs, Mrs. Michelle is a doorman. She describes herself as follows:

People dont like me, but they can accept me, because Im fully suited to the role of a gatekeeper.

But she is the smartest person, she can recognize the life she wants.

She doesnt need to please anyone, she just needs to make herself comfortable.

When someone really wants to know, they want to approach her with goodwill.

She will also release her true, beautiful and wise self.

Dont flatter me. Im really tired.

You dont have to be aggressive, and you dont have to let go of your pride.

Youre fine, really. You dont need anyone to approve.