Only when a family of seven entered the ICU did they realize that they must not buy insurance arbitrarily.

 Only when a family of seven entered the ICU did they realize that they must not buy insurance arbitrarily.

Recently, a doctor friend shared a story about a family of seven people who had been hospitalized for rescue in a car accident.

Yang Laos two sons drove back to their hometown to visit their wife at the weekend. There was an accident on the road. All four adults and three children in the car were sent to ICU, and their lives were uncertain.

On the day of receiving the news, Lao Yangs wife was temporarily unable to accept it and was admitted to the ward. Yang Lao, standing at the payment office, was trembling with eight peoples hospital bills in his hand. In order to pay for the high medical expenses of the whole family, the next day Yang Lao sold his house, thinking about the medical expenses of the family in the future, Yang Lao gazed at the sky outside the ward.

People are all human beings. When an accident comes, who can pay for it? Many people will think of insurance. Of course, insurance is very good. It can save lives at the critical moment, but I still want to advise you that insurance should not be bought easily.

Buying insurance is a technical activity. The water of insurance is deep and there are many routines. If you dont understand it, its easy to fall into the pit. You may also buy a bad product at a high price. So you must be cautious when buying insurance.

First buy insurance for parents and children, but run naked = reversed order

Filial piety is the first and hardship can not suffer the children, so many people will give priority to the elderly parents when buying insurance, or to the newborn children to buy insurance, but they are running naked, without any protection. Of course, parents and children can and should buy insurance. After all, when illness or accident comes, they can pass this financial risk on to insurance companies without paying for it themselves. But first consider parents and children, but not themselves. This is a wrong way to buy in reverse order. Because from an economic point of view, the protection of young people is absolutely more important than that of older parents and children. After all, as long as young people are healthy, they have enough ability to ensure the happiness of the whole family. Therefore, family security must first improve the insurance of family economic pillar and then consider other family members. After all, the economic pillar is the person who ensures the normal operation of the family. Among the young people we have come into contact with who have bought insurance, there are a lot of thunder tramplers. Some bought a bunch for their parents and children, but they ran naked, some bought fake serious illnesses, some bought more than 30% expensive, and so on.

Two Policies Solve All Problems = No Problem Solves

If an insurance is guaranteed for everything, there is only one truth: the amount of each guarantee is extremely low and nothing can be guaranteed. There are no cure-all drugs in the world, nor are there any insurance products on the market. Would you say that universal insurance covers everything? Yes, universal insurance seems to have both security function and investment function, as if it is really universal. In fact, the return on investment is very low and unstable. For the time being, its safeguard function seems to have everything, but the biggest problem lies in each safeguard ability (such as serious illness, medical treatment, accident, death, etc.). These basic guarantees) are very weak, the amount of insurance is very low, in the real insurance claims, you will find nothing useful, basically equal to nothing. Various pensions (pensions, annuities, education pensions... ) Likewise, it seems that you can solve your pension, financial management, education and other issues once and for all, but most of the actual income converted into less than 2%.

Redemption also has to deduct a high handling fee. Even Fangli has not only this benefit, but also can redeem it at any time. The money was handed over to the insurance company, as if it had gone into a dead end and could not come out of it. It was absolutely a matter of picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon.

3. Buy back instead of consuming = Buy a rotten product at a high price.

This type of return boasts that it is not only guaranteed, but also able to collect money in the future. But if this kind of insurance product wants to buy the full amount of insurance, the cost is far more than the ordinary consumption type, and most families can not afford it. And this product has two absolute pits: first, even if there is no problem, the real rate of return on financial management is far lower than the demonstration. It is far better to buy a consumer-based insurance, and use the saved money to buy financial management, even if it is released, the final income often exceeds the money returned to you by these insurance. u3002 More importantly, once there is a problem, the return will not exist after the insurance payment, so in this case, you are equivalent to using a return price (higher than the high price of consumer products) to buy a consumer product. 4. Fundamental Guarantee: Buying Finance without Buying = Wasting a Lot of Budget without Guarantee

Every year, the promotional products of month and month collar, year after year collar, the day when you get a hundred years old, and give the universal account profit plus profit give you a feeling that it is too cost-effective, too aggressive and too sharp. If I had no anti-jamming ability, I would feel how could there be such a good thing in the world. Friends with superior IQ in fighting wisdom and bravery, make a rational analysis.

This is financial insurance, as long as it is financial insurance, we must pay attention to the final real rate of return, rather than the rate of return demonstrated by salesmen, the rate of return expressed in advertising language. At present, the actual rate of return of most domestic financial insurance is very low, not more than 3%.

Because we pay attention to financial management, but neglect family members (especially the economic pillar) more important is the protection of illness and death, wasted a lot of budget in the actual unreliable financial insurance, after the problem, absolute regret. Long-term financial management can be purchased and passed on to the next generation as property to a certain extent. It is a kind of insurance that should be considered after 35 or even 40 years old. Therefore, financial insurance can not be considered until the budget and financial budget are quite sufficient, but the most important and priority is the disease and death protection of the economic pillar. So the optimal family security is not the so-called comprehensive insurance, not the return insurance, nor the financial insurance, but the return of security, return to actual needs.

At present, peoples understanding of insurance is basically still in the stage of slash-and-burn cultivation. They pay attention to the quality of a product, but never seriously consider what their real needs are.

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