Its so happy to fall in love with such a boy!! Envy crying!

 Its so happy to fall in love with such a boy!! Envy crying!

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Daily Love Stories:

2. People are always happy when they are close to happiness, but they suffer from gains and losses when happiness goes on. u2014u2014 Eileen Chang

3. I think love can fill the regret of life. However, it is love that makes more regrets. u2014u2014 Eileen Chang

4. For people over 30 years of age, ten or eight years is nothing more than a matter between seams. For young people, three or five years can be a lifetime. u2014u2014 Eileen Changs Eighteen Springs

5. The sound of rain ripples, like living by a stream, preferring to rain every day, thinking that you are unable to come because of the rain. u2014u2014 Zhang Ailings Little Reunion

6. You ask me if its worth loving you. In fact, you should know that love means asking whether its worth it or not. u2014u2014 Zhang Ailings Half Life

8. I want you to know that there will always be someone waiting for you in this world, no matter when, no matter where, anyway, you know, there will always be such a person. u2014u2014 Zhang Ailings Half Life

9. If you know me before, you will forgive me now. u2014u2014 Zhang Ailings Love in a Falling City

10. Some silly things are not only said behind ones back, but also on ones own. Its embarrassing to hear it. For example, I love you, I love you all my life. u2014u2014 Zhang Ailings Love in a Falling City

11. If a person is not free, it is because he does not want to be free. If a person cant leave, its because he doesnt want to go away. A person has too many excuses for you. Thats because he doesnt care. u2014u2014 Eileen Changs Red Rose and White Rose

13. Say forever, and somehow its gone. At last, I thought about it and wondered why I had separated each other. Then, you suddenly wake up, feeling is so fragile. Can withstand the wind and rain, but can not withstand ordinary... u2014u2014 Eileen Changs A Farewell to Life

14. Where will some people like loneliness, but they dont like disappointment. u2014u2014 Haruki Murakami

15. The beginning of love is a color, and the end of love is the endless sky. u2014u2014 Lin Qingxuan

16. Fortunately, there is a parting in life. u2014u2014 Lin Qingxuan

18. Maybe one day we will hold someone elses hand and forget him. u2014u2014 Sanmao

19. When moths put out fires, they must be extremely happy. u2014u2014 Sanmao

20. Dreams can fall in a riot. Ideals are the rough roads we tread on step by step. u2014u2014 Sanmao

21. Reading a lot, the face changes naturally. Many times, I may think that many books I have read have become a cloud of smoke, no longer remember, in fact, they are still potential. In temperament, in spite, in the boundless mind, of course, may also be revealed in life and writing. u2014u2014 Sanmao

23. If there is an afterlife, make a tree and stand in an eternal position without joy and sorrow. Half in the soil is quiet, half in the wind, half in the shade, half in the sunshine, very silent and very proud, never relying on never looking for. u2014u2014 Sanmao

24. I laugh, instant noodles are like spring flowers. They must be touching, no matter who they are. u2014u2014 Sanmao

25. There are only a few kinds of joy and happiness in the world, but thousands of tears have thousands of different kinds of pain, which can not be opened. u2014u2014 Sanmao

26. The beauty of time lies in its inevitable passing. Spring flowers, autumn and moon, summer and winter snow. u2014u2014 Sanmao

27. The so-called love, in fact, is a serious illness, my illness will be cured. u2014u2014 Mo Yan

28. People have to fall in love with someone in their lifetime, but once they fall in love, the first step is to lose themselves, and the second step is to lose your love. u2014u2014 Mo Yan

29. The most unforgettable thing is that you never think of it, but never forget it. u2014u2014 Mo Yan

30. When we were young, we gave up thinking that it was just a relationship. Later, we learned that it was actually a lifetime. u2014u2014 Mo Yan

31. Some people, inadvertently, forget; some people, you try every means, can not forget. u2014u2014 Mo Yan

32. Its not wrong to like a person, but its wrong to like a person who doesnt like himself. u2014u2014 Mo Yan

33. To miss you in the end of the world, to be reluctant to part with you, to forget each other in the rivers and lakes. u2014u2014 Jin Yong

34. Thats all very good, but I dont like it. u2014u2014 Jin Yongs White Horse Tsunami Westerly Wind

35. Dont envy people for their own reasons. u2014u2014 Jin Yong

36. All philosophies are the omission of misery. u2014u2014 Yu Qiuyu

37. I am free, that is why I am lost. u2014u2014 Kafaka

39. We should be together, otherwise it would be too harmful. u2014u2014 Wang Xiaobo

40. If you want, I will always love you. If you dont want to, I will always miss you. u2014u2014 Wang Xiaobo

Finally, I want to pay attention to my dogs.

All harvest sweet love!

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