Romantic Tiger Teeth Live Broadcast on Midsummer Seventh Eve

 Romantic Tiger Teeth Live Broadcast on Midsummer Seventh Eve

With Valila and Liangbo, who are worrying about the life-long events of their water friends, another anchor has to say that summer y, also the popular anchor of Tiger Ya Gao, sprinkled a good hand of dog food, because just after 12:00 a.m. on August 7, when our summer y was broadcast live, it was too fast to hide our ears. But fortunately, these questions are not a problem for the summer y with high EQ, because he immediately teaches a section called How to use EQ to pull your other half to the vast number of water friends in the live broadcasting studio and then in the live broadcasting studio. A big wave of welfare was sent to calm the jealous sailors.

8 said that we should first honor the lemon

Just in the summer when Y teaches you the provocative experience, another high EQ anchor of Huya, csboy-xixi, also broadcasted live on his own and two other csboy members: MoTeam and Alex, recalled to the watermen how they had pulled their girlfriend, while MoTeam mocked Xixis wife, who knocked her head, and faced it. Such ridicule of high-quality anchor Xixi naturally directly responded to a GNLS so that the whole live broadcasting room is full of laughter, Xixix is in the CS battle link to play their own technology to the extreme, the program effect is almost full!

Whats more exciting is that the anchors of this live broadcast of Tigers tooth on July Eve not only provide you with various wonderful live broadcasts and interactions online, but also bring wonderful performances to the audience at the downstream garden meeting of Tigers tooth midsummer night on July Eve. In the carnival of Shanghai Jinjiang Paradise, they do not ask for people or evening jade. The popular anchors such as Xuanmo Baby and Liangbo all appeared in the event, and the aquatic friends could contact the anchor at zero distance.

The purpose of this kind of interaction on July Eve is to let the audience get rid of their loneliness as soon as possible, so all the romantic entertainment facilities on the spot can only be played by two pairs of people. Its very difficult to think of it without exception.

In addition to speed-matching CP, the event site also sent out a variety of super gifts, which is really the object and gifts I want all!

The audience who did not participate in this activity need not be sad, because Tiger Tooth Live will have more wonderful content waiting for you! In the rain, Tiger Tooth Live is waiting for you!

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