Behind the Chaotic Harbor: CIA Training Schools Hand-held Teachers Destroy

 Behind the Chaotic Harbor: CIA Training Schools Hand-held Teachers Destroy

The behaviour of the rioters in Hong Kong is escalating. From the beginning of parades and riots to throwing five-star red flags, attacking the police, blocking and destroying the subway, setting fire on the street and throwing flasks. There have been media reports that these people communicate with each other in various professional gestures during street parades. They are tightly organized. Some are specially responsible for logistical supplies, others distribute helmet and masks. The media disclosed that there were also some suspicious foreigners on the scene of the abolition of youth in Hong Kong. They arranged tasks for the abolitionists just like coaches in the NBA arena. Who is organizing and manipulating behind all this? Who are these behind-the-scenes gangsters with ulterior motives?

All the pictures in this article are CCTV news pictures.

U.S. intelligence agencies have training schools in other countries to teach them how to destroy them.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council pointed out at a press conference on August 6 that the forces inside and outside Hong Kong who encourage and support radical violence behind the scenes areanti-China and rebellious Hong Kongforces. There have been media outbursts that are very similar in many ways to the riots in different locations and times.

This similarity is no coincidence. It is reported that the American Intelligence Agency (CIA) has long provoked the color revolution overseas. They have special schools, trained relevant personnel, and a set of teaching materials to teach you how to destroy.

WikiLeaks once exposed a school called CANVAS

In 2013, WikiLeaks exposed an e-mail. The mail showed that a school called CANVAS had received money from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CANVAS is a non-violent action and strategy centre and a training institution in Serbia. It teaches the local opposition how to march, make posters and use non-violent means to carry out democratic movements.

Systematic training has textbooks

CANVAS training is very systematic and comprehensive, there are many courses. From the 50-point principle of democratic movement, to how to guide the riots, how to confront the police and how to carry out non-violent struggle, there are very detailed textbooks. The details of how to group people, what different groups need to prepare at different stages and what should be done are also clearly described in the textbook.

One of the textbooks is How to Fight Back.

For example, the investigation team is responsible for investigating the situation and on-the-spot disturbances, while the media group is always ready to take photos, collect materials, and use them for propaganda. The purpose of their propaganda is to distort the facts to the best of their ability and to defame the police and the government.

Recently, for example, a Hong Kong police officer was maliciously illuminated by a thug with a laser pen. He instinctively raised his gun to defend himself, but did not fire. The moment the gun was raised, the prepared media group took pictures and sent them to the internet, slandering the police for threatening the people with guns, without mentioning the fact that the police were blindly injured by laser pens.

According to the Hong Kong police, the formation of the people involved in the riot was very careful. The first row is responsible for throwing things, the second row is responsible for delivering ammunition, the third row is responsible for attacking the police with long sticks, and the people behind are using umbrellas as cover. In fact, these routes have been mentioned in the CANVAS tutorial for a long time.

Course: Grouping students into groups with two teachers

These tutorials also include simulation exercises, in which participants are divided into two groups, one for repression and the other for demonstration. The trainees will train the formation in advance and learn to use the surrounding equipment. These students will be divided into different groups, such as student sports group, printing group, support group, marketing group.

Each group involved in the riot will have two teachers, one responsible for political lessons, brainwashing for everyone, and the other responsible for skills classes, teaching related technologies. Not long ago, Ta Kung Pao photographed a foreigner on the street who was using social networking software to alert rioters. According to the division of labor in the CANVAS course, the foreigner should be the skill tutor of the support group. He sat in town with the rest of the group to mobilize the mob at any time.

Course: Do a good job of replenishment, do not leave alone

In the chapter How to Benefit from the Riot, the tutorial teaches you to make good supplies and not to be left alone. People who participated in the riots in Hong Kong drew gourds and set up many supply stations along the way to provide supplies for rioters and weapons to attack the police.

Course: Remembering the name of a policeman disrupts their will by retaliating against the policeman

Another chapter says, When you are subjected to repression, remember the names of the military and police. By taking down the polices personal information and retaliating against the police, they disintegrate their will. During the riot in Hong Kong, people fleshed Hong Kong police online, disseminating their personal information and calling on everyone to retaliate against him and his family.

The training school textbooks and courses of the Democratic Movement are all available. What is the situation during the training? What kind of people are training? Five years ago, after the Occupy China incident in Hong Kong, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) disclosed details of the training of those Occupy China elements abroad.

The BBC has trained thousands of Zhanzhong molecules.

On October 21, 2014, the BBC News Night broadcast an event being held in Norway. The event was well organized and named Oslo Freedom Forum 2014. BBC correspondent Laura Kingsberg reported: In the basement of this four-star hotel, activists gathered here to make it look like arevolutionaryschool. We were told that a large number of Hong Kong demonstrators had been trained before going out on the street.

Revolutionary School in Hotel Basement

BBC correspondent Laura Kingsberg was on the spot of Special Training

Thousands of Hong Kong demonstrators were specially trained

Ginsberg also reported that about 1,000 Hong Kong demonstrators had received special training. Some activists here are involved in helping organize the current demonstrations in Hong Kong. They plan to push thousands of people into the streets. In fact, they have been in contact nearly two years ago and planned the Zhanzhong rally in advance.

The address of Oslo Freedom Forum is New York, USA.

Although Oslo Freedom Forum is named Oslo, its official website provides the address of 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, USA. Contact phone and fax are also located in New York, and there are many speakers from the United States on the forum.

Oslo Freedom Forum website

American Speakers Hand-in-Hand Teaching Experience

Jamila Lakib, Executive Director of a U.S. NGO

Jamila Lakib, executive director of a non-governmental organization in the United States, hands on the experience of organizing the team: Teach you how to organize the team, how to organize and manage, how to make people with special training act as leaders. (Hong Kong) Protesters are taught how to act in protests. Relevant content includes how to maintain order, how to talk to the police, how to manage their respective movements, how to usecommandersin their respective movements, that is, those who have received special training.

Popovich, who organized student protests in Serbia, was also one of the participants. Whether in Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, or Hong Kong, China, you can see that set of rules through the movement there, he said.

The BBC website published the TV report on the topic of Activists Sharing Secrets in Oslo Free Forum

In addition to overseas training, the United States has also set up local institutions in Hong Kong to train the backbone.

US Subversion of Hong Kong Base: Hong Kong-US Center

Liu Naiqiang, a member of the Hong Kong Basic Law Commission, said that the Chinese University of Hong Kong has a Hong Kong American Center which monopolizes the general education textbooks of eight universities in Hong Kong. Facebook page News of Hong Kong reveals that the Hong Kong-US Center held a two-day and one-night workshop from March 15 to 16, 2014, and rightly and honestly trained college students as the backbone of the occupancy. These means are enough to show that the substantive intervention activities of Americans in Hong Kong will increase substantially, or even occupy the center. To the full assistance of the U.S. authorities. The Bauhinia magazine published in April 2014 also disclosed that participants in the workshop were actually taught by political party dignitaries, international scholars and mysterious politicians to teach students how to face the negotiation strategy in large demonstrations and protests, and to set the so-called irreversible bottom line and position for the general election in Hong Kong. Bauhinia bluntly says that Hong Kong-US Center is a non-profit University Alliance on the surface, and its board members also include the presidents of many universities, but in essence, the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong is the real backstage dependence of this institution.

The National Democratic Foundation of the United States trains Zhanzhong students in Taipei as anti-China leaders

Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong reported that the National Democracy Foundation (NED) trained middle students behind the scenes. Overseas radical anti-Chinese activist Yang Jianli acted as an intermediary between the United States and the Hong Kong-chaotic factions, taking the opportunity to share a piece of the cake, set up ethnic youth leadership camps in the United States, Taiwan and Japan, invited occupying the middle villains and anti-Chinese leaders to give speeches, catered to NED and Taiwan Democracy Foundation funding requirements, disrupted Hong Kong and penetrated the mainland.

How can the behind-the-scenes Mafia teach the rioters? The truth is clear.

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