Expert: Some peoples bullying in the United States is unpopular.

 Expert: Some peoples bullying in the United States is unpopular.

Experts pointed out that some people in the United States advocated the loss theory of the United States, provoked trade frictions, continuously imposed tariffs and extreme pressure on countries including China. In fact, the structural problems of the United States itself are the root cause.

Zhang Yuncheng, Director of the Institute of World Economics, Institute of Modern International Relations of China, said that the United States, without considering its own domestic economic reforms, has not only delayed the economic restructuring of China and the United States, but also had a significant negative impact on the global industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain.

Ding Quezon, Senior Research Fellow of CITIC Reform and Development Research Institute: The United States taxed the world with a bullying attitude and let other countries take medicine for their illness. So this practice must be unpopular, will be shameful to the world, and will eventually end up as a lone widow.

Experts said that China hopes to promote Sino-US relations with a general tone of coordination, cooperation and stability. It does not want to engage in trade wars, nor is it afraid to engage in trade wars. What the United States is doing is not good for the relationship between China and the United States.