Indonesian men fall in love with beautiful women by photographs and spend money to see themselves get married immediately

 Indonesian men fall in love with beautiful women by photographs and spend money to see themselves get married immediately

There is a big gap between the pictures handed down by the woman (left) and herself (right). (Source: Instagram/China Daily)

Overseas Network, Aug. 9, Yusuf, an Indonesian man, went to Korea to work two years ago and met Intan, a beautiful female netizen working in Taiwan, on the Internet. So the two men talked about long-distance love, but never really met, Yusov can only imagine each other by the beauty from his girlfriend. After two years of online dating, Yusov decided to marry the beautiful woman and flew to Taiwan to meet her. But unexpectedly, once the woman took the veil, she was a heavy makeup aunt, so that he immediately decided to retire.

According to the Malaysian newspaper China Daily, Yusuf met an Indonesian woman who claimed to work in Taiwan on a social media Facebook two years ago. From the photos she sent him, it can be seen that her skin was white and her big beautiful eyes were quite attractive. Yusov was deeply attracted by her and asked if the self-proclaimed Yintan woman could be her girlfriend. Yintan responded that engagement was the first way to fall in love. After Yosov agreed, the two began to fall in love in a different place.

In love, Yusov always wanted to have a video conversation, but the other party hung up and refused directly. The woman did not open the video until she pleaded for many times. But every time she was in front of the camera, she was covered with a veil. The simple Yusov had no doubt. He believed that only the two eyes exposed by the voice Tan could confirm that it was. Beauty is right. In addition, at the womans request, Yusov also sent 29480 ringgit (about 50,000 yuan) to pay for her air ticket to and from Indonesia, as well as cosmetics for her.

The woman wore her wedding dress to see Yusov. (Figure: China Daily)

Recently, Yusov thought he was too young to start a family. He flew to Taiwan to marry Yintan. The real-life Yintan was welcomed in white Indonesian wedding dress. But when Yintan took off the veil, Yusov suddenly felt that the sky was spinning, and his fiancee looked at least 60 years old. At a glance, he could tell that she was an aunt.

The disillusioned Yusuf eventually returned to Korea to continue his work, while the womans whereabouts were unknown. Yusuf is now trying to identify the aunt and recover her hard-earned money.

The real Yintan is married. (Figure: Instagram)

As for the beauty in the picture, she is also an Indonesian. She calls it a picture of herself in college. Unfortunately, it was stolen. In fact, she is married and has children.

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